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    Thanks, Apple. No AFFINITY without you.
  2. Great to read/hear! Are those improvements completed with and integrated in the 1.5 Beta? (((We never dreamed of a baseline grid in AD. That would be awesome.))) Thank you so much and sorry, it is not easy to follow foreign technical terms that are used for something totally different.
  3. There is only one baseline in a font set, right? @ Serif: To make work of users easier: If you already “use the baseline”, implementing it before 2017 as a snapping line could be done? @ Noob: The accents have nothing to do with the baseline of a font.
  4. Found the error: The cat should chase the dog. ;) Great! Dreaming of an Affinity 4D app … We love the waves.
  5. Creating baselines manually for every text is not a solution. It is Stone Age. Since 2014 we can read that text snapping is half-baked and that it will get better. Great news. The new forum crashed the links, here is the right one: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/19051-thinner-blinking-caretsursor-while-editing-text/&do=findComment&comment=89967
  6. If you made it, you have used them. Please, have a look into the Affinity Designer Help. Placing (cheap) cliparts sometimes can cause errors. After placing you can change everything. Even if it was flattened.
  7. That was answered. :( In your new file you have adjustments (result in exported bitmaps) and a mess of curves. Delete some of the unneeded ones and exchange the rectangles with the gradient. Is it from a clipart library?
  8. Welcome. If you change the document units to centimetres, you will see what happened. It is not easy to work with pixels if your work is for print.
  9. Especially optical margin alignment is a must for professional design. Will that fact be ignored until Publisher launch?
  10. Help/hints are incomplete / could be more usable. ((for example: the options for the tools could be displayed in the toolips/status bar)) This is why even professionals are asking here and why we want a reference and overview screen with a short (visual) explanation of the UI. :) For beginners things should be explained directly/visually in complex apps. Otherwise you need more and more people to explain again and again.
  11. or: double click on the artistic text tool icon … / click on the small triangle … and select the frame tool easiest: press the T key twice Alternatives: Customise the tools for your needs; convert a shape to a text frame there are more ways …
  12. Hi, the translated versions of the FAQs are very old. That could cause confusion (for example: launch of Publisher) if people do not read the creation date at the bottom). When will those files be updated and/or will the creation dates be added at the bottom of the topic? Perhaps some foreign customers expect/wish for the same quality in support for their money. Any plans for more features in the forum for foreign users? KR
  13. Of course Affinity can export files that can be used by printers. What did you export and which app did you use? If you did not install the other trial app, you could open your file with that installed.
  14. Thank you so much, MEB. Seems the expire date will never be announced and the next surprise can follow.
  15. Yes, we just thought in the morning: Are we the only ones?! Again Nothingham without an explanation why it has expired. Perhaps they don’t like our bug reports any more. :-( Look here.
  16. There is software that is cheaper than both. And there is software that has additional desktop publishing capabilities and features like auto tracing and searching tools Affinity users are waiting for. Should be easier to work in one app. Of course Affinity is the better choice. ;)
  17. I hope you can find a tutorial (like this) that is helpful for you. You don’t need a dash. Only one tab stop at the position of your desired length. Advantage: You can change the length of many selected objects at once! Here is a simple AD example: dddd.afdesign
  18. Yes. For details check the help or wait for further informations. (BTW: texts can be converted to curves)
  19. FYI MattP posted 17 March 2016 - 07:20 AM "… I'm expecting maybe 2 weeks for a 1.5 beta, roughly?…”
  20. We will see it in some weeks and it will be a better solution. Do you think we can or should discuss/ask for something we cannot try until it is released?
  21. We don’t know the concept, but logos should mostly be created vectorially as basis. Of course, designing with only 1201 x 1201 pixels is possible but very special.
  22. For users that want or need it, but cannot be achieved in an "effective way” because it is not supported – even not automatically. Without something like a hint feature for small text the user has too much work to achieve quality or he only gets poor small texts. Of course, a truism, the choice of legible fonts is important. But it is unimportant when users switch back to PS, because they have difficulties to achieve its level. The examples in post 1 and 29 show that there is still a long way to achieve crisp texts.
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