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  1. PERFECT. I have it all figured out and working how I need it to now! Thank you so much for your helpful explanations!! :D
  2. That. Worked. SO. GOOD!!!!!!!!! I saved the UV map as an svg file and then converted it to curves and then did the boolean add just like you said, and voila! Thank you so much, that just made my day!!
  3. A B C, Oval, or Jimmyjack.... or anyone... I was hoping one of you could help me with learning how to put text on a path and set the digits by equally spaced tabulators? I read through your instructions Oval, but you lost me at the first sentence... pressing the dash button doesn't seem to do anything. ? What I am trying to do is draw outlines for this sewing pattern that I have created, and get the measurements along the outlines so that I can ensure my seams will be the same length when I need to match them up. Thank you for any and every bit of help! :) Otter sewing pattern.afdesign
  4. Hello there! I have made a sewing pattern using Blender, a free 3d modelling program from online. I would now like to use Affinity Designer to re-size and print my pattern pieces, which I just have in a png file that I have placed into AD. The oval shaped piece is going to be her tummy and I know that I want that piece to be 8 inches tall, with the other pieces being scaled accordingly. To save me some money on ink, I would like to print these shapes with just a black outline. Before I print them I would like to add text and arrows and whatnot aswell. (Text and arrows are the only thing I don't need help with though!) I know I can trace the edges with the pen tool, but I was wondering if there was an automatic way to outline these images... or else a way to just delete the inside part of them. I am also wondering what would be the best way to create an artboard that will enable me to print one pattern piece over several pieces of printer paper. I know I have done it once, but I can't remember what in the world I did! Thank you so much to anyone and everyone who is willing to help me out!! Otter sewing pattern.afdesign
  5. Hello everyone, and thank you so much for all of your replies! :) I haven't carefully read through each of them yet, but I will!! I took a break from affinity designer to learn how to use Blender and learn how to do 3d modeling... I discovered that through uv mapping I can model my sewing projects and then have an automatic sewing pattern for them... this eliminates my need to create sewing patterns in AF, as my "uv map" from Blender will ensure that my seams are all the same length. I appreciate this information for affinity designer, as I am sure it will be very handy at some point though, and thank you again for taking time out of your day to figure out the tricky stuff and explain it all! :) I now need to resize my pattern pieces in Affinity Designer, somehow delete the mesh lines in the middle (so it only prints the outline) and I need to lay them out over several pieces of paper in an artboard before printing them. I came back to this forum to jog my memory on how to do those things now... I was surprised to see so many extra comments on this thread! Thanks again! :)
  6. That method sounds interesting Jimmyjack, I think I may need to grab a coffee and re-read it though, lol as I am still very much a newbie... I would love to try what you just suggested but I don't know exactly how to that. How do you create a user defined axis? Also, I am still trying to figure out the main differences between the Convert: Smooth, Convert: Smart, and Action: Smooth curve. I noticed that Action: smooth curve takes away extra nodes, but I am not always sure which of those buttons to use when I want to make things more roundish, so I end up trying all of them usually and playing around with them. I like it when I can adjust the curve between two nodes without the lines on the other side of the nodes being affected. But that's maybe a different question for a different day. Thanks for giving me hope within the affinity designer program, because I really don't know if i have the brains to figure out ANOTHER software program, haha. I'm an artist, and most definitely not a computer whiz! :)
  7. Hello again Crabtrem! :) Oh boy, I appreciate the time you put into that post, but I think I may have been misleading with my original question. I am not so concerned about making each letter the same height. What I am trying to do is figure out how to set or measure the length of a curved line, or lock it somehow, so that I could draw a shape while also knowing exactly what the measurement of the perimeter (or a selected portion of the perimeter) would be. If you had a circle and a double star that were both the same height and width, they would both fit on the same size of paper, but the length of the line needed to draw the circle would be much much less than the length of the line(s) needed to complete the double star. It is not so much the top-to-bottom, side-to-side measurements that I need, but a measurement of the actual curved and/or bent lines themselves. Like if I had a 12 inch flexible ruler beside me in my office supply drawer, and I bent it all around into different shapes, there is still nothing I can do to make the ruler itself bigger or smaller.... and that is what I am trying to do with the lines. If I want to sew the edge of a U shape to the edge of a C shape, I would like to be able to draw those shapes in affinity, and know that the seams will line up... hopefully that makes sense. I hope you get paid for this Crabtrem, I think you are definitely one of the smartest users of this program I think!!! :)
  8. Thanks Oval, those canvas ones are above my budget but I will continue to google around. Most of what comes up is from forums for other design software and from reading through the comments it is hard to tell what to do. Thank you for your time though!
  9. Thank you for your reply. :) This makes the height the same, but what I am looking to do is make the line length the same. Sortof like if I had 3 snakes that are all the same size (for example, each snake being 10 inches long from head to tail) but I want to shape them all differently, one in the shape of a C, one in the shape of an S, etc... :S I hope that makes sense!
  10. I am including an example to help make my question more clear. So I quickly drew a C, an S, and an M that are (very roughly) the same height. If I measure the lines for each of the letters (using a flimsy measuring tape up against my computer screen) I can estimate that the line for my C is 14 centimetres, my S is 26 centimetres and my M is 44 centimetres. I would like to know if there is a way to set them all to a specific length, let's say 25 cm. So the C would automatically become a bit bigger, the S would become only a teensy bit smaller, and the M would become quite a bit smaller. I could really use this function for creating sewing patterns... So if I want to sew an S shaped edge to a C shaped edge, I would need the beginning and end points to line up... I normally use string to adjust the shapes of my pattern edges while keeping a specific length. This is time consuming to measure it out and tape it all down on paper, trace it out, and un-tape it all for each seam so if I could design patterns completely in affinity designer, I would be sooooooooooooooo happy! :) Thank you for any help! CSM example.afdesign
  11. Crabtrem I am so grateful that you took the time to make that video and type out those instructions so clearly... you helped me with my last question aswell and I owe so much of my success in AD to your help! Our world REALLY needs people like you!!! I hadn't previously known about how to select or duplicate an artboard but now I can see that it is very easy! I love learning new keyboard shortcuts aswell, like command G... that's so awesome! Thank you! :)
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