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  1. Hey Peter, you are totally right! I could resist the first time and stayed in english. At the end I think I wanted to be fast and so I switched. I'd hate it if someone else would do the same.
  2. Ah, OK du willst das ich das AD File in AP öffne! Hab ich überlesen. Hat ein bisschen was gebracht. Zumindest bei der #115. die Qualität deines Exports bleibt dennoch ungeschlagen. Dabei hast du in der Version noch die kleinere Fliessschrift. Ich gehe mal morgen noch einmal ran. Zum nachvollziehen. Die Grafiken mussten leider schon raus heute. Danke dir!
  3. Danke Oval, das war auch meine Vermutung, weil ich nach zig Jahren PS diese Problem in dieser Stärke nicht kenne. Meist war es eine Einstellung oder ich war nicht auf 25% 50% 100% und das Bild war nur scheinbar pixelig. Die Schrift hat ja sogar riesige Serifen vergleichsweise finde ich. Ich war da auch skeptisch. Aber welchen Tipp meinst du? Ich habe die Ebenen gruppiert und gerastert, sah sofort pixelig aus. Was ja klar ist weil ich von einem Pfad komme. Also keine Besserung verglichen mit den anderen Exports. Ich hab tatsächlich ein Screenshot gemacht, das in AP aufgemacht und wieder abgespeichert. Darf man eigentlich garnicht erzählen. Adobe kommt halt einfach mehr Ahnung von Schrift vermutlich – wenn man überlegt wo sie her kommen.
  4. Thanks Nazario, I ended up doing everything that was suggested here and I had the same thought with the Fontsize. This ist the best I can export atm: http://shahin.de/AP/KFL_565_72_02.png I don't use Fonts with (fine) Serifs that often so I'm not used to it maybe? Anyway, if someone should be able to handle Serifs than its Affinity ;) I really try not to blame anyone but myself mostly but this time and having the experience with PS it was to easy for me to do so.
  5. Thanks all! @R C-R I don't know why I'm operating with those dimensions. You are totally right. Still my exports are quite bad or the same. Does turning it on already take care of the alignment or do I need to move the elements once to make them snap? @Oval Moin! The JPGs are all exports (changed the Document to RGB again, I don't know why I was in CMYK). I do not understand why an export from an imported screenshot looks better than any export form an original in AD. This is weird.
  6. As much as I like AP, there is sometimes this last step that makes me go mad. The export. It seems that can't get a quality export from AP. I tried all resample settings and in the end I just get mad and remember that I never hat to think about it in PS. This is a 1669 X 1669 px 400dpi PDF coming from AD I try to get crisp at 565px 144dpi or 72dpi. I'm aware that it won't be that crisp but these exports are unacceptable. I tried bilinear, bicubic and the others. I don't get a crisp image and I should go out for a walk before writing further. http://shahin.de/AP/Screen_Shot_From_AD.png http://shahin.de/AP/KFL_565_72dpi_Bicubic.jpg http://shahin.de/AP/KFL_565_72dpi_Bilenar.jpg http://shahin.de/AP/KFL_565_72dpi_Lanczos01.jpg http://shahin.de/AP/KFL_565_72dpi_Lanczos02.jpg
  7. Thanks Leigh, that helped. Did not think of that! Its strange and quite random what stays after a relaunch. I even uninstalled and reinstalled. It was still the same. On another note I have to reset the hardness and flow of a brush (which I just used) to my prefs every time. But thats APhoto. Both very nice Apps though!
  8. Hello there. When I start typing, the bounding box is somewhere else. Is this a bug or a feature? Thanks.
  9. Hi I'm Shahin from Hamburg/Germany. Actually I'm a Director/Editor but I started with graphics and you know its not easy to stop. I chose AD and AP since I wanted to be Adobefree. And I'm impressed how modern (nondestructive operations e.g.) these tools are. I missed some stuff in the beginning but after a small search I found most of my questions answered. Mostly in this forum :) Big thanks to the developers and the community of course!
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