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  1. Wow, Serif has to be my favorite company I have ever been a customer for.
  2. Ok, I can attach it..... you say "the Link above" but I dont see anything.... should I just Private message it to you?
  3. It is a bit of a sensitive thing to send the file because it is my lifes work and I dont want it out in the world yet..... IS there a way to guarantee confidentiality?
  4. a bit of both. A lot of the images are embedded though. There are lots of images. Soooo..... I may not be able to fix it until I have a computer with enough disk space?
  5. welllllllllll........ dang. My macbook only has a 128 gb hard drive haha.
  6. I have 30 gb available on my disk..... so I dont think that is it. Thank you
  7. THANK YOU. I am a bit hesitant to share the file because it is sorta my whole life's work and it has information that I do not want replicated before I release it. It is probably about 100 pages and is 1.4 gb or so. I am not sure what caused it to suddenly stop working, but now it will show up for a split second when loading it, then crash. Thanks for the help.
  8. THank you, That did not work though. It still crashes when I try to open it.
  9. Hey there, I have created a publisher file that may have gotten too big for its own good... and now crashes publisher every time I try to open it. The size of the file is around 1.3 GB and I had maybe 100 pages of photos and text laid out. I would love to not lose the file because I put a lot of work into it..... have you encountered this and overcome it? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks for the amazing products Serif <3 -Casey
  10. Hello, I am searching for an option similar to Illustrators "reverse path direction" option. I have created a brush and want to reverse its direction now when it is applied to a path. thank you <3
  11. Yes, I have had to create my artboards using the "insert artboard" button rather than command dragging them like I usually do..... I had lost access to a few hours of work because of this, but I ended up transferring over all of the files to artboards that were able to export. I no longer have the file, but this issue is easily evident..... COMMAND DRAG AN ARTBOARD AND TRY TO EXPORT IT. Daniel and I are having the same issues. Some issues I seem to have that he doesnt is that sometimes I find elements in large documents with lots of layers that are un-deletable. That has only happened a few times though and I end up just deleting the artboard alltogether. This update for Affinity is actually quite buggy.... I have had other issues of dragging and dropping two or more pdfs into designer and having it freeze..... almost every time I try to drag two or more. Affinity Designer also crashes more than any other program I have..... sometimes it will freeze up multiple times while working with documents that have a lot of artboards..... it actually crashes the most when I move artboards around and the OBJECT SNAP TRACKING seems to overload it or something. Hope this gives some insights as to what can be fixed. I absolutely love Affinity.... and if these issues were fixed, I could use it with clients and not feel embarassed. THANK YOU
  12. Oh no, I am running into more issues with art boards and elements being locked in place and unable to be deleted. Seems like this update has been a bit of a hinderance for me and my clients. PLEASE HELP SERIF!
  13. Wow, those are great Troubleshooting clues Daniel, thank you for joining in on this! This issue has seriously slowed down my workflow though.... so hoping this can be resolved easily
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