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  1. Digital Mirror

    Reverse path direction??

    awesome~!!! THANK YOU
  2. Hello, I am searching for an option similar to Illustrators "reverse path direction" option. I have created a brush and want to reverse its direction now when it is applied to a path. thank you <3
  3. Digital Mirror

    Exporting Artboards not possible

    Yes, I have had to create my artboards using the "insert artboard" button rather than command dragging them like I usually do..... I had lost access to a few hours of work because of this, but I ended up transferring over all of the files to artboards that were able to export. I no longer have the file, but this issue is easily evident..... COMMAND DRAG AN ARTBOARD AND TRY TO EXPORT IT. Daniel and I are having the same issues. Some issues I seem to have that he doesnt is that sometimes I find elements in large documents with lots of layers that are un-deletable. That has only happened a few times though and I end up just deleting the artboard alltogether. This update for Affinity is actually quite buggy.... I have had other issues of dragging and dropping two or more pdfs into designer and having it freeze..... almost every time I try to drag two or more. Affinity Designer also crashes more than any other program I have..... sometimes it will freeze up multiple times while working with documents that have a lot of artboards..... it actually crashes the most when I move artboards around and the OBJECT SNAP TRACKING seems to overload it or something. Hope this gives some insights as to what can be fixed. I absolutely love Affinity.... and if these issues were fixed, I could use it with clients and not feel embarassed. THANK YOU
  4. Digital Mirror

    Exporting Artboards not possible

    Oh no, I am running into more issues with art boards and elements being locked in place and unable to be deleted. Seems like this update has been a bit of a hinderance for me and my clients. PLEASE HELP SERIF!
  5. Digital Mirror

    Exporting Artboards not possible

    Wow, those are great Troubleshooting clues Daniel, thank you for joining in on this! This issue has seriously slowed down my workflow though.... so hoping this can be resolved easily
  6. Digital Mirror

    Exporting Artboards not possible

    They show up as artboards in my Drawing Persona... yet are nowhere to be found in Export
  7. Digital Mirror

    Exporting Artboards not possible

    I am trying to export my artboards as I have done a thousand times before.... but since I updated to 1.6, all of my new artboards do not show up with blue boxes around them in Export persona and I cannot figure out how to select them for export other than dragging a box around them as slices. Any idea why this would be happening? I have attached a screenshot of the issue, thank you.
  8. I LOVE AFFINITY! AND I would absolutely love to see more snapping features available.... that is probably my only major discomfort with Affinity is the lack of snapping options (snap to center of circles, tangent, intersection). I use AutoCAD a lot and love their snapping. I also love the TRIM tool in AutoCAD, would be great to see something like this. Thank you for the amazing work!
  9. I did it a little differently though. I imported the .Dxf then exported as a svg.
  10. YOU JUST SAVED ME! Thank you, this worked perfectly.
  11. Please implement this! Any news of when the next update will be? Thank you!
  12. Thank you MEB for all of your help! I really appreciate it, and I am getting better at exporting pure vectors!
  13. I love affinity, it saved me from Adobe.... but exporting has been such a pain and has cost me clients due to not being able to figure out how to export as pure vectors. Shouldn't vector brushes export as vectors?
  14. Ok.... so now I have regular vector brushes causing it to rasterise..... why would that be? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxsv7SdXaHrDMGxnU1dmVTNoUXc/view?usp=sharing
  15. Damn, well I am a little disheartened that my art comes off as cheap clipart, but I will look into adjustments and get better in no time. Blessings.