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  1. I downloaded and installed Affinity Publisher today and I have been having a play with it to see how much it can do. It has crashed on me four times now. I am running MacOS High Serra 10.13.6. I have crash logs if required. ~allyann
  2. Thank you @summersara. They are exactly what I was after. I need them for a course I was doing.
  3. I cannot find the image brushes on 1.7. Where are they now?
  4. I have pre-ordered Publisher and it says it will be available from the 19 June, 2019. Today is the 19th and I cannot find anywhere to download this from. I have gone to the order page and it just says it will be available from the 19 June, 2019. Is there a particular time that it will be released and is the time dependent on timezone? It is now after 3pm on AEST.
  5. Is there anyway to add copyright data, especially on development and export from RAW files?
  6. Could someone please tell me if Affinity Photo has a Polarizer Filter? I would like to filter out the non-polarised light from my photos. many thanks, Allie
  7. Just wondering if someone had an answer for me on this? Is 56/10 another standard?
  8. I have opened the EXIF information and it states the Aperture as 56/10 rather than f5.6. Out of curiosity is there any reason for this as I have not seen it written like this before?
  9. Thank you MEB. I looked in nearly all the options in View too! I was looking in the help files for "Shooting Information", not EXIF. :)
  10. Hi, I am in the midst of a photography course and I need to submit the shooting information such as ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed with my photo assignment. I was wondering if Affinity Photo has the ability to view this Shooting Information? I can get it off my camera, but it would be handy if I could see the differences in shooting settings between shots. many thanks ~Allyann
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