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  1. Ojeh, aber danke für die Rückmeldung. Schade, dass sich hier kein Mitarbeiter gemeldet hat. Aber es gibt Licht am Tunnel-Ende: Es sind wohl auch im Designer File-Links geplant. :) PS: Wieviele Megapixel haben denn eigentlich die platzierten Bilddateien (RGB oder CMYK?) jeweils durchschnittlich?
  2. Critiques about what is welcome?
  3. Thanks, like cap height and optical margin alignment just a must 4 a great/professional app; sorry, no time 4 talking, just a casualness of design. If you really ask, please see details in wikis, ask Kai Krause etc. We bet Serif will ignore those feature requests.
  4. Jani, Geometry/Substract is the best solution. BTW: No kerning, …? Where is the third hand of the armadillos? Already sold? ;)
  5. A very tiny bit. There is already the history and the shortcuts.
  6. Please not only simple patterns. Please, we like to see an implementation of all 17 plane symmetry groups.
  7. With some options for "Underline” perhaps in a year? In the meantime: Do it in an diagramming software and import the framed text into AD.
  8. Yes, and please better snapping to text (character selections, typogr. lines) and rotation centres.
  9. Yes, ability to snap to rotation centres, please.
  10. How is “soon” defined? ;) Please, give some hope.
  11. Look here and download the Beta. Download the new 1.4.1 (Perhaps we will get an MAS update soon: Andy: “we'll be submitting this branch to the store on Monday – which means after it's all released we can start to release beta builds with new features in again”. Yes: it is out!)
  12. Very easy: If someone does not need apps like Painter, and has no needs for apps like Photoshop, … anyway he should try the trial and he will see: HE NEEDS IT! :wub:
  13. Abdou23, you can achieve the same results with AD with two advantages: non-destructive and for less money. We think, the more people buy AD the quicker new features can be realized. ;-) Good idea to move it to the feature requests. Would not only be useful for beginners.
  14. Yes, the Mesh warp/distort tool is much too long on the roadmap as Affinity Photo already has it.
  15. Yes, this point should be on the roadmap. Too many beginners are searching and asking here for this and some other features, that seems to be missing.
  16. As we mentioned before, you need a professional tracing app. Image2Vector does not really help you in this case. But you can get firm with the Pen tool. Have a look into the Affinity Photo Help, please. You did not tell us the details of your template PDF we asked for, perhaps there was an error converting it: The better the template, the better the result. HTH
  17. Working only with the keyboard (up, down, left, right, with/without pressed SHIFT). Change of the length of the steps: Preferences/Tools Please have a look into your Affinity Designer Help: Object control/Transforming objects HTH
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