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  1. Thanks Matt, thanks Signuy. yes, I have the beta installed. Signuy I've solved with your instructions for terminal. Thanks a lot guys ;) Tommaso
  2. Hello, the title of this topic is my problem. In OSX Yosemite, after installing AD 1.2.1 i see only blank documents icons. Any suggestion to solve?
  3. Hello? Any news on Affinity Publisher? I'm waiting for AP. :)
  4. Hi Andrew, great, I tried the beta and everything works perfectly. Advise me to work with the beta or continue with the version 1.2 awaiting the new release? Thanks
  5. hello I need help. Often I need to sample a color from webpages or any other external document viewed with OS X Preview. I sample the color with the AD color dropper. The problem is that the sampled color is not perfectly identical in AD and then, exported work does not match the original sampled color. I am attaching screenshots of the document settings and general preferences. Thanks to anyone who will help me. Tommaso
  6. Hello, anyone can help me? Osx Yosemite does not show me thumbnails previews of all my AD documents when in list view. All are blank. No problem when I work with other view modes. How can I restore it? This is a screenshot thanks Tommaso
  7. @ronnyb thank you very much for the guide really exhaustive. Great work! Thank you too A_B_C we hope that soon we can give the spiral shape from Affinity team. There is a request in the topics for spiral shape?
  8. Hello, can anyone recommend a way to draw a spiral? Thanks Tommaso
  9. forget it. I have committed an error of use. :( Sorry and thanks for the quick response. Tommaso
  10. maybe I explained badly because of language. What I mean is referred to what is shown in the video tutorial "Real-time embedded document editing."
  11. Hello, I do not know if it happens to everyone but in Affinity Designer 1.2 often embedded documents do not reflect changes made to the original file. Tommaso
  12. Hello guys, I think this is a requested feature, the italian language localization for this beautiful app. I hope this will be available soon. Tommy
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