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    How to roll back from 1.6

    Dear Affinity team, First off all i would like to thank you for some of the greatest programs ever, until i updated to the 1.6 version yesterday. After updating to the 1.6 version og both designer anf photo, the programs are useless! there ar so many bugs that it is impossible to remember the all. =( 1. both programs shut down from time to time 2. rulers i designer do not work if i use with artbords. 3. if i drag and drop a picture directly from from a webpage to a designer project, the program just shuts down 4. if i zoom in, zoom out i photo only a small pice of the pic shows, and i have to restart the program to continue working. 5. Designer duplicate text and change the font when i open old projects... and so on... =( i use the programs on a my MacBook pro mid 2014 with a I7 2,2 processor and 16 GB Ram. if that information helps you guys to fixing the programs. But my question is how do i roll back the installation, so i am able to work tomorrow???
  2. thanks the language reset worked! =)
  3. Hi guys, Thanks for the greatest programs ever, and i am looking forward to use both designer and photo in the new updated version. however i have the same problem. No download links to the free content packs, when i open up the programs. - yes i am connected to the internet and no i do not have any software thats should blocks feature can you guys post a download link in here?
  4. Dear Affinity, I tryed to buy the Affinity Photo App for 3 days now, but it keeps saying that it is not available add the moment and i should try again later? what to do... i really wanna buy your program? - Jacob P.S. i am located in Denmark