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  1. @Patrick ConnorThanks so much for the update. You have no right to what kind of email address I may or may not be using. Nor do you have the right to inform people on a public formy how may purchased when I have a valid ticket in place on the Serif itself. As a moderator - what give you the right to quote personal customer information on an opinion express in a public forum ? You haven't even PM at all ? If you are so keen to talk about my personal data with Serif itself you should have no problems with me issuing a complaint about you directly to Serif Head Office itself
  2. @ @Hokusai I am confused at your rudeness - can you please suggest how you can compare the cost of all the money I have spent of my SERIF software since 1999. Not to mention downloading files was not readily available to most users in South Africa until the end of 2002. Then fact in the costs of extra fee is the download setup images is corrupt or because the South African equilvant of Vodafone is too busy and they limit the numbers used allow on during certain hours of the day. Now please factor in the exchange rate between my local currency and the British poud and USA dollar. Honestly I am insulted by word reply to this my topic. @alfred thank you for this information. I wonder why nobody at Serif headoffice or customer support has ever informed of these discounts ? I own a lot more Serif products than this to. Do you think it is strange the Serif do not offer existing customer a trial version of their updates software to see if they want to pay for a new version. Say you have Serif PagePlus X7 and you are unsure if you want all the new feartures of Pageplus X8 - sorry this is not an option and if you email customer support at serif head office - you get a generic reply from a template based archive which is merely copied and pasted and no further replies are given to follow up emails. As I explain - I have never heard annoucment of the Affinity apps today and only stumbled across them when I was tring to if I could figure out how to do something on Youtube. @JET_Affinity I fully understand the points you are making. Did you ever use word processing applications such as WordStar 2000. One day my father who started learning to code on punch cards - yes we actually still have 90% of his orginal code in a box in storage got hold of a copy of Windows 2 or the 2.1 upgrade and he was finally - a WYSIWYG interface. My parents single handly run a comprehensive software suite which my father started developing at university. When he implement the activation feature that was brought in Windows XP I think 80 % of his users were using illegal software. Sure times have change. Unfortunately not ever business has an entire development dedicated to coding different parts of a software suite. It takes years of dedication and also buy products such a WIndows 95 through to Windows 8 Professional. Microsoft Office purchases and upgrades. I seriously doubt you're outrage is going to drum up much of a movement; at least not among those of us who have been making our livings with softwares that typically cost five to six times (and more) per upgrade than the price of an Affinity app. - I am sorry you feel this way. I am glad you are making your living with these apps. In my person experiences - dealing with family memembers, friends and people who come into the family offices and do not even know which version of Windows they are using, how defrag their hard drives or even uninstall software - I can say that a ton of people do not have your skills with technology today as you or other users in this forum may have. @SrPx interesting comments - CS 6 costed a lot of more money, PS was around 800, it got to be 2k for shipping to some countries... If he had been purchasing CS 1, ...to CS6, then we could talk about money, lol.... Even a single app of one single version might be more expensive than all of his purchases together... do you have a degree major in business management ? how about one with an additional major in accounting ? have you also paid a qualified accountant to take all the factors of running a business into account since 1975 ? If you can't believe my post is serious then please talk to me about the cost of software developed by Autocad ?
    1. Patrick Connor

      Patrick Connor

      Please do not post directly into staff status areas. Serif do not encourage this method of communication but do leave it open for forum members to contact each other.

  3. Ticket Number: 15D-22C9780C-0301 http://support.serif.com/Main/frmNewTicket.aspx?InstanceID=91ff73e6-2469-405a-a14d-5336e502a82d
  4. Re : @AtelierCunha what would you do if Affinity didn't exist? Haven't checked in here beside the day created this account to ask about the improved tables which Miscrosoft Publisher 2000 and Serif PagePlus X9 STILL DOES NOT HAVE!!. Today I was going through my inbox which lead me check on the progress of Affinity Publisher and frankly when I see a post like the one made on 14 Decemember 2017 - I see red and had to step away from my desk I am so offended. I am going to reply - as briefly, but in detail - I 45 years old. Serif.com has access to all the software invoices I have bought since my Microsoft Office 2000 CDs went faulty and I stumbled across Serif PagePlus and ordered it via airmail way back between 17 to 18 years ago. My family has been in the computer and tec industry since my parents met in 1978. I was around 8 or 9 when I firsted started teaching myself how to code when the people who worked from my parents weren't using the computers over the weekends or the evenings. This was on a CANON AS100 which did not have a hard drive but two floppy disks. At the stage I think MS DOS was not even commonly used back then here is what I do know S E V E R A L - and I mean thousands if not hundered of thousands, small families and business peoples have used all sort of computer over a great number of years. Like myself we have bought new purchases of products like · Microsoft Money · Microsoft Office · Microsoft Works · Adobe Photoshop. · Visual Basic 6 · Visual Studio · Microsoft FrontPage · all sorts of software. I still use Drawplus, my version of Serif MoviePlus still work - not very well I have to admit and yet in all the past years that I have been supporting Serif.com I wish to go on the records as to say the following : Not once have I ever received a letter from anybody at SERIF.COM to my email address which I still keep up to date at serif.com along the line of : Dear Christopher. We noticed you have been using our products for a number of years. In fact you have bought every edition of Serif PagePlus since your purchased Serif PagePlus X2 from us in 19XX except PagePlus X8. Since we have never offered you an upgrade price or a discount on behalf of Serif.com, as we transition to moving our software over to a new range which will fall under a different brand we would like make you aware that we are in fact working on a whole new range of software you already own and if you haven't already heard from anybody at Serif.com please send me or one of colleagues a reply to this email so we can get your feedback on our software as we strive to improve our new AFFINITY SOFTWARE for all our existing users and as well as new users who could benefit from it. Hardy har har - never gonna happen though is it ? When I see this : what would you do if Affinity didn't exist? As far as I am concerned Affinity DOES NOT EXIST despite many years of paying a ton of good money to use newer versions of Serif software with not one penny or cent discount !!! In fact yesterday I was working in Serif PagePlus X9, and PhotoPlus and Drawplus and Panorama Plus all of which run perfectly well across the 4 computer which I have connected around my desk using Windows 10 Enterprise, Miscrosoft Mousewithout Boarders, Microsoft Money Business ( now totally a free b t w as is Visual Basic 6) and yet the ironic thing is this : I can still not create a decent table in Pageplus X9 with cells that split diagonally which Microsoft Publisher 2000 can do ? To do this I have to creatre the table in Publisher, export it as a graphic and then embed that in my Pageplus publication ? I have seen screenshots of the Affinity Products on YouTube and I cannot stand the new look and Serif.COM OR affinity.serif.com Has got a LONG LONG LONG LONG WAY to go before I will seriously consider even spending US$25 on Affinity Publisher Thanks but my software is functional to some degree and I will keep it that way At least with Office 356 I am getting some cloud storage and other people can develop add-ons for Microsoft Software, best of all I do not have to go and pay $11 for a workbook not to mention shipping to ? I take exception to be exploited and new versions of the same software with no real improvements that justify it and this exactly what Serif is and has been doing to many loyal customers – like myself – over a number of years, in my own opinion. Thanks PS : How do I give myself a 10 000 warning points ?
  5. Can the people working on the Affinity range PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE at least take a look at Mircosoft Word 2016, Microsoft Publisher 2016 and explain why I have to create a table in Publisher (since Office 2000) and then save it as an image and then paste into Serif PagePlus (or an Affinity App) because 17 years later this feature has been totally IGNORED by the SERIF Development Team ????? How difficult it can it be to spilt a cell diagonally AFTER desiging apps that run circles around other all these years ? PLEASE SERIF - actually listen to what customers are asking you for.
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