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  1. I try to be part of the team, but every time I kick the ball at the goal I find the goalposts have been moved. Full time I think.
  2. Yes, so it would seem. I guess the key word here is interface and the digital age we live in now provides many possibilities in communication. I used to use a MIDI controller (can't recall the make or model - late 70's early 80's) for "Sound ducking" when using compressors in my studio, they were really handy for that. But in the end I ditched automation for the "hands on" approach.
  3. Musical Instrument Digital Interface for photo editing!? That's a new one.
  4. Like I said. . .this can be done best by hand and various types of brush (which can be customised to suit). The tutorial with the lion is all smudgy and the fur is lost in a field of smudge and colour. I used a painting brush to do this and all colours are separate layers which were merged as one and a colour burn blend mode applied. The blend modes give very different results, some better than others but I chose this one to better demonstrate the effect. And note the areas where the colours blend over one another - it gives a rather pleasant effect. To be clear, I am NOT a digital artist and do not use a tablet or pen. I did this in about 10 minutes using just a mouse, so given that this can be produced on the quick, just imagine what YOU could do when you apply yourself.
  5. Then there was no need to post all those different pictures of cats then ask the folks here how to replicate their effects. Anyway, that being said. Again, I could be wrong, but this image looks like the creator used a stylus pen (or whatever they're called) and hand painted over the cat - or more precisely along the folds of fur to keep the cat's fur direction intact. That's how I see it. I don't think this image would be possible doing it any other way. But like I said. . .I could be wrong.
  6. Oh yes....of course! I was forgetting that. I usually have the assistant turned off and manually apply masks as needed.
  7. That's cool, but I have no idea what you've done.
  8. An extreme example but this demonstrates what I mean. The top layer has a live blur and a mask. The duplicate underneath comes through when masking out the offending areas.
  9. Yes, just as long as you have a duplicate (unmodified) underneath and the top layer (modified) has a mask.
  10. Same thing applies in the sense that you can also use a mask layer on a live filter just as well as on a normal pixel layer. The difference being: when using a mask you can remove sections of the edit which the filter you've used has had a detrimental effect rather than a favourable one. Live filters are just another way of applying a non destructive edit which can be kept or discarded at will and, it's a great way to "try" out an effect without committing to it. Obviously, if you know exactly what your photograph needs then "live filters" are not that necessary
  11. The advantage is having a duplicate underneath so any adjustments on the master layer (top) can be brushed out with a mask revealing the unmodified layer below.
  12. Anyway; this thread's original title is "cutting out image in affinity photo," I think it's rather gone off track.
  13. First it's cats then helmets, then it's helmets and cats - this thread is going to go on forever. The picture above (your last post) looks to me as if the creator use custom specific shapes to achieve the multi-coloured effect, I could be wrong but that's how it looks to me. I don't use an iPad so I haven't got the foggiest idea how to go about realising your creative desires. Have you tried making shapes then placing them over the cat to see how it turns out? Maybe you should. Making multi-coloured cats is simple enough but trying to copy an exact style made by someone with an artistic flare is difficult at best without knowing EXACTLY what technique they employed or what skill level they possess. And talking of multi-coloured cats. . .
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    A simple idea created with shapes and a paint brush.
  15. Open image and make a duplicate. Add a mask to the top layer and apply the blur effect as you need. Select the mask and mask out the blurred jewelry so that the image underneath comes through in focus. Flatten image.
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    Move back tool

    You really need to focus your questions to one operation or aspect, doing that will help people help you.
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    Installing a plugin

    Edit/Preferences/plugins/Add That should work.
  18. Oh dear, looks like Adobe really does want to take over the world.
  19. Generally speaking, and to use a well known phrase, "what you put in is what you get out." Most if not all the pictures you have put up here can be done in Photo - they can also be done in designer, too. If you already use designer (I don't) and are thinking about getting AP then you will have the best of both worlds at your creative disposal. Can it be done quick? I guess so depending on the level of competence or knowledge of the medium in use. And what exactly are you using the eraser tool for?