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  1. +1! Also, when zooming the blend gamma + ramp doesn't seem to stick. This makes it impossible to check pixel perfection in detail...
  2. Hi all, FYI, I discovered where the ICC colour profiles are stored: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Publisher Public Beta\Resources\icc It is possible to copy your ICC profiles (as received from your printer, for example) into this folder. Affinity, maybe this could be documented in the help file, or made easier by allowing people to add their profiles when selecting? Thanks
  3. Yes another +1 upvote! Much used (Blurb, European publishers, ...) I also can't find how/where to import ICC profiles (like the more recent ECI.org ones)?
  4. Awch I just had the same experience with 2 different files (both reworked PDF imports), in 1 afternoon.. I'd happily send them as examples, if only they would save...
  5. +1 Publisher should handle paths "smartly" (just like InDesign): paths can be stored as absolute, but the relative location to the file should also be stored / recognised. This is especially important when switching between PC-Mac (different absolute path), moving projects around, ... Thanks in advance! EDIT: I can confirm that APub becomes unresponsive ( on OSX) when relinking images (after the 1st or 2nd link). Also, it would be nice to Skip a missing link, without interrupting the whole process. (The Resource panel doesn't have the same folder relinking
  6. It seems both aspects (linking as default and panel UI) are also discussed in the following threads: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/66105-resource-manager-embed-link-resource https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/65810-resource-manager-should-be-a-studio-panel For me both aspects are obvious, and a bit of a deal breaker. Honestly I was very surprised to find resources dealt with in this "old school" way, doesn't feel like Affinity at all! We work in a small architecture firm. Contest presentations grow organically, with constant new or modifi
  7. +1! Please please please! This is absolutely what this is all about! Plus when working with a team on a presentation, content gets updated constantly, and needs to be relinked easily!
  8. One more vote, resources should be managed in a flexible way, like all the other 'live' tools. This feels like a step back into the 20th century..!
  9. Also waiting (im)patiently here... Just out of curiosity: which software was used for the layout of the 2 Workbooks?
  10. I can confirm (for Photo until now). Well done, thanks!
  11. I confirm, the same happens here (already with the previous versions). Reboot, relaunch installer, re-enter forgotten product key... Makes me reticent to upgrade.. PS. Little request while we're on the installer subject: it is impossible to paste the whole product key in one go. Other installers manage to overflow between consecutive product key fields.. Thanks for looking into this!
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