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  1. Hi MEB, Thank you for your quick answer. the idea behind: If that's possible, i can create a master page with the default objects ( e.g. a red filled rectangle) and customize this per page (eg. on the third page a green rect, on the fifth a blue one), but the rect on the master page stays red. the rect on the master page controls the size, location,..... of all rects using the master page.... but not the color on customized rects :-) Suggestion: - create a master page with "placeholder"-objects (like a picture frame or frame text), set default properties (location, siz
  2. Hi, Is it possible, to change the content / color of an master page-object in a non-master page without change the content / color from the assigned master page ? I made a master page with red filled rectangle. I also created a page and assigned the master page. On the new page i changed the color of the rectangle from red to green. The color of the rectangle of the master-Page was also changed. Is it possible to prevent that ? the idea behind: If that's possible, i can create a master page with the default objects ( e.g. a red filled rectangle) and customize this per p
  3. The idea is to create and predefine master pages with fonts / colors (and other stuff) to use on all (Master)-Pages that the Master Page is applied to. So its possible to switch the text style for each master page automatically. Also for export / import and use in other projects. This creates a Duplicate. That means that changes made on the original are not passed to the duplicate. But that's exactly the idea behind it. Adding, removing, changing an object, changing a font-property or color of any master page automatically updates all (Master-) pages based on that master page.
  4. My suggestion to (easier) embed or link resources: In Addition to the resource manager: Add a checkbox "embedded" to the context strip. if the checkbox is checked - the resource is embedded, otherwise the resource is linked. Optionally add a checkable menuitem to the contextmenu of the resource:
  5. I would like to make the following suggestions for Master Pages: - Create/Setup text styles (Body, Header1,...) on a Master Page so that the pages based on this Master Page use them. - Prefdefine Default Fonts/ Colors on a Master Page. - Apply a Master Page to another Master Page to share common objects/settings (and text styles...). - The possibility to export and import a set of Master Pages including the settings, to use them in another projects. Thank you.
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