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    TommyL reacted to Mark Ingram in Sneak peeks for 1.7   
    I assume that in your mind, your mean Professional = Corporate? I'm a developer, and I'm on the forum trying to help out. I have the best knowledge of our software, our code, and I can actually fix or implement features. Yet for some reason you would rather speak to a marketing person? Or a member of a support team? Or someone else that can't actually implement the change that you want. That's certainly not the feedback we've received from the majority of our other customers - they really appreciate being able to speak directly to development staff.
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    TommyL reacted to Ben in Sneak peeks for 1.7   
    Steady on.  Not a great way to motivate us.
    Priorities doesn't necessary just mean what we think is important, but also what things have to be done in a certain order, and whether those things collectively also are more important than other features which need attention. It is also a balance of how much work is actually involved in what might appear to be a small feature.
    I have just spent months refactoring a lot of our internal tools in order to facilitate faster future development and enabling editing features across tools.  This was a big task, but the few changes and additions I have made off the back of this have already demonstrated that this was time well spent.  Now, as a user you will have no idea of the scale of the work involved in changing our internal framework while preserving the current functionality of our tools.
    Software development is a fluid beast.  Only as our code base expanded did it become clear that things could be achieved in a different/better way.  Due to a lot of commitments already made, the changes I wanted to make got pushed back a number of times. I have now made them, and 1.7 will come with some significant additions - though the scale of work to implement them might still not be obvious to the end user.
    This thread is to show a raft of new (hopefully innovative) features that are in the pipeline, and you are accusing us of pretty much doing nothing to improve the software...!? All of these additions will achieve 99% of the use cases that have been thrown up (while not tying you to a very limiting grid based drawing method) - the only exception being the ONE use case where you want to be able to easily replicate sets of curves built previously using known grid positions for handles. (If I am missing the other use cases, you will have to explain them individually). AND, I have already made many comments as to why this feature will conflict with our current tool usage, but I think I have even said that we will try and add it.  So what is the problem?  You are not going to be getting 1.7 Beta just yet anyway, so why is this turning into a rant?  We have heard your request, and while I would personally argue that placing curve handles on grid produces a very limited artistic scope, I will accept it is the way you like to work.
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    TommyL reacted to MikeFromMesa in Problem loading multiple files   
    Well then, if it is not happening to you with Beta 4 then it must be something on my system. Still, it does not happen with AP itself, only with the beta.
    I think I am going to make a screen video of this to show the developers what is happening on my system at least. Perhaps that will help. It is very discouraging as it requires that I reboot my system. It does not happen when I open one jpg that way, but it happens every single time I open the same 14 jpgs using Finder or just try to open the same 14 jpgs with the Open command. Perhaps I will also try to open 14 different jpgs and see if the problem repeats itself.
    Thanks for the post.
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    TommyL got a reaction from Puck in Affinity photo multiple eye dropper point like Photoshop   
    Info panel menu > remove selected sampler, or to hide click the sampler arrow in the info panel.
    Bit mindless today forgot to say you have to click select the sampler in the info panel!  And it does work in beta 4.

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    TommyL reacted to Flaz in Affinity Photo Customer Beta (1.5.0 - Beta 9)   
    mmm… AM: Affinity for Mathematicians   :blink:  not a priority for me
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    TommyL got a reaction from uffelfinn in My "Move Tool"   
    Hi Uffelfinn
    Your background layer is locked, hence the crosses showing on the move tool selection.  (see MEB’s post above)
      When you click the padlock to unlock the layer, the move tool will move/transform etc.   The new layer appears empty, nothing to select, so no selection bounding box. Unless it's black poodles on a black b/g, in which case ....
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    TommyL reacted to MikeFromMesa in Topaz Labs Denoise 6 works fine with Affinity Photo   
    For what it is worth Topaz DeNoise 5 also worked properly with AP. However I have found that the noise removal functionality in AP was as good as that in DeNoise 5 and, perhaps, better.
    While have not tested DeNoise 6 against AP I have found that AP's built-in functionality has largely eliminated my need to run pretty much any plugin.
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    TommyL got a reaction from Paul Bravery in Photo Beta "Can Damage Your Computer"   
    Just for info and no recommendation!, I had this flash up briefly while I was installing .14 on El Capitan.  This was not the same format as the usual system alert message re: installing unapproved software and I haven’t seen it before.  As I always scan downloads before installing i put it down to apple, and went ahead with installing.  APB.14 works as ever and I have had no problems.  Since reading this I have rescanned the installation, it shows as clean and there is nothing showing up in little snitch.
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    TommyL reacted to My Strawberry Monkey in The 500th thread about GUI …   
    I also see it, personally I think its ok... :D
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    TommyL reacted to junipermn in Confused order opening multiple photos in a file   
    Whenever I try to open up multiple photos at once from a file, say photos 1through X, they seem to be listed in near random order at the top, or if anything in inverted order. Often the photo on the screen isn't even listed at the top, one needs to click the arrow on the right to have it listed!
    Look at the photo below: Photos 1-10 were opened. They were in numerical order in the file opened. On the Affinity screen, they are listed at the top in the order 7,10,3,4,5,2,8,6,9 !! The active photo, 1, isn't listed at all and one needs to click the double arrow at the right top to have it shown!
    It shouldn't be too much to ask that photos are listed left to right in order, and the active photo is always visible on the top.

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