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  1. junipermn

    Clone brush still rotates 90°

    The problem STILL exists in I hope this bug does not disgrace the official release of 1.7.
  2. junipermn

    Clone brush still rotates 90°

    The problem still exists in 112, at least for square brushes!!! Please see video below. Affinity_Clone_Problems_3-12-19.mov
  3. junipermn

    Clone brush still rotates 90°

    This problem STILL has not been fixed, at least for square brushes, any square brushes. This goes for as well. For a brush rotated to any position except horizontal or vertical, the resulting imprint is rotated left if it should be rotated right and v.v. .
  4. junipermn

    Clone brush still rotates 90°

    Gabriel M: The first video shows the regular round brush, the second a square brush. Both are taken off the standard brush panel which I have not modified; neither was a custom brush. The shape of the brushes was changed using the "more" button on the clone tool. FR
  5. junipermn

    Clone brush still rotates 90°

    Attached are videos for the clone brush issue, for Affinity and for the Beta, and a shot of "about this Mac" for the computer I am using. Clone tool on Affinity 167.mov Clone tool on Affinity 170109.mov
  6. In Affinity 1.6.7, the clone brush still rotates 90° on some occasions. In, the regular one seems to work, but when I switch to the square brush 29, the dreaded 90° rotation shows up again. This 90° rotation error was first reported more than a year ago. We will never compete with Adobe with crucial bugs persisting that long.
  7. junipermn

    Clone Tool Rotated 90°

    Here is an awful old problem that reoccurs on some photos: I can't figure out which. When using the clone tool with shape set to <100% and some rotation, the actual rotation on the photo changes by 90°. Look at the photo I attach, blow it up so one can see the outline of the cursor. I copied a black object that is to the right of the cursor, (off screen in this copy). The clone target should be at 45°; instead, as you can see on the screen, it is turned to 135°. This problem doesn't happen all the time, might not happen again if the same photo was opened later. I am using a Macbook pro running 10.13.4 running Affinity 1.6.7 .
  8. Ok, I solved it. I am working on black and white photos. For them, there is often an additional crucial step: One must go to "Document" at the top, select "Color Format", then select one of the two RGB formats. If you leave it in "greyscale" here you get the usual "Please select an RGB..." message and nothing hapens.
  9. This doesn't work, I still get the same message. Could you give more specific instructions, or other instructions?
  10. junipermn

    New Clone Brush

    In Affinity 24216, on my 2014 Macbook Pro runnning 10.10.2, for the crop tool to work: In Preferences: performance: either "use hardware open GL" or "use only integrated GPU" has to be checked. The crop tool also works if both are checked, but if neither are checked, the crop tool just won't work, jumps all over the page. If one of these is checked, the crop works-- on single clicks. But if one tries to hold down the command key to drag over an area, the base site moves as if aligned, even if "aligned" is unchecked.
  11. junipermn

    Clone Brush

    1) The source and size of the clone brush should show on the image, and if aligned should move with the brush to constantly show where one is borrowing from. 2) The clone control labeling makes absolutely no sense and is inconsistent. On the dropdown panel the size is called "size", on the top of the screen it is called "width"! Size is prefered. 3)Then what is called "shape" on the panel, and what doesn't show on the top at all, is really width. 4)Rotation is nonsensical: on the top it is in degrees, on the panel in % (?) And it rotates the applied area on the image: it should rotate the source area (if it isn't round, in which case it makes no difference). Are you trying to make this obtuse? Look at Photoline for how simple this can be: your basic controls are size, hardness, width, angle (of the source), and choose square or circle(which becomes rectangle or ellipse if width not equal), with the shape of the brush changing on the example panel as you change values. Then you can add more controls jitter. intermittent etc for rarer functions. Fred

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