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  1. R C-R ......Your input was EXtreemly helpful. I've been wrestling with this for two weeks. I can move on now.
  2. This worked but,,,doesn't the "background" keep your original "un-altered" image during the editing process? When I did what you said,,my background image became grey and white checks. Thank you for getting me this far though. I'm taking a tutorial that uses this to demonstrate the "nondestructive" layering feature of Affinity Photo. At this point it looks like my original image is gone.
  3. Hello , I have taken screen shots concerning My "Move Tool". 1st shot is "Background" layer where a "bounding box" appears around the image. 2nd shot is a "new" layer with "Move tool" selected. In this case the bounding box disappears and won't come back.
  4. Thank you very much for the instructions! I'm driving for two days from Idaho to the Oregan coast, my home. I will send the shot as soon as I get home. I appreciate your concern very much,,,,and I believe you are going to be a great help. I'm very excited about getting Affinity Photo to work.
  5. I am attempting this with a new layer that is not locked,,repeatedly. I'm afraid I'm too inexperienced to upload a sample of what we're talking about. I will try to figure out how to do this. THank you for responding,,it means a lot to get help.
  6. I am having this problem also. Blue outline appears, but will not respond to any tasks after that. Then disappears,,,,won't come back.
  7. My "move tool" when selected makes a blue line around the photo, but will do nothing after that. If I click on it again, it disappears and won't come back.
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