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  1. Agreed. I just found this weird behavior today while trying out Affinity Photo on iPad for the first time since my original two posts here (I found it unusable at that point and have ignored it for almost three years). When the FX palette is open, tapping in the image should absolutely NOT toggle a setting!
  2. This is the setting I change Photoshop to when I use it, and I'm not sure why it's not the default. So, yes, I think this is useful.
  3. Wasn't the whole point of these apps that they were 100% the same functionality between platforms? I swear I just read this very claim on the Affinity pages marketing these products...
  4. I finally came here to find out why Affinity Photo has never had any updates. iOS 10 gets no new updates. Lovely. I don't even know if any of my issues I reported with Affinity Photo were ever fixed before dumping iOS 10 support. I feel abandoned. I'm on an iPad Pro 12.9" (first generation) and I actively fear iOS "upgrades". I've been an iOS user since the first iPhone and I've watched devices be utterly crippled by iOS "upgrades". Buying a new $1000 piece of hardware every couple of years is unacceptable Sigh.
  5. It's very hard to learn to use this software with SO MANY BUGS. This is beta level, not release level. I have been very eagerly awaiting this product coming to iOS and I'm regretting spending money on it with it being this unreliable.
  6. Update: This is a bug. The color picker tool did NOT select the color i wanted for this tool, but it DID show the color in the color palette (sorry, "studio"). Then later when i used the color picker from the "color studio" i was required to tap on the color next to the eye dropper icon to make it active. Why is this step necessary? Just choose the color. After this, the tools behaved as expected: I selected a color and it used it. I changed the color with either the color palette or the eye dropper on the left side tool bar and the Color Replacement Brush reflected that choice.
  7. I've noticed that the Color Picker Tool does not seem to impact other tools as i would expect, for example the Color Replacement Brush. Am i doing something wrong?
  8. As i am trying to learn Affinity Photo, I'm running into situations where it feels the app has frozen, but i am waiting for Photo to finish some processing. There needs to be an indicator that something is happening. I see that some of the tools and processes cover the screen with a progress bar. This is a bit heavy handed, but it needs to be present for every situation where the user is forced to wait. I recommend a less intrusive version of it, as well (covering the whole screen is too much).
  9. Is there any reason why the palettes are called studios?
  10. If i spend time working on the images in the Interactive Introduction, when i move on to the next video, Affinity Photo will crash while playing it. It has happened to me after the iris color change and after the wave Twirl filter, apparently because i spent time editing these images.
  11. While the twirl filter is active, (starting from the Interactive Introduction), tapping on the active layer will reset the position of the twirl, but not the amount or radius, so i assume this is a bug (due to inconsistency, it doesn't look like a "reset feature"). This also seems to happen inconsistently with live filters (after converting it to a live filter, i expanded the layer in the layer palette, tapped on the live filter layer, and the settings were reset, but i couldn't reproduce it a second time). While the same filter is active, changing the opacity of the active layer with the opacity slider results in extreme flickering. Once the finger is removed from the slider, the opacity is shown seemingly correctly. When it's a live filter there seems to be considerable problem with visibility. Parts of the layer are missing, or not updating, when toggling visibility, opacity, and changing filter settings (like the Twirl position), seemingly as a consequence of the live filter. Please see the screenshot attachment. EDIT: when i toggled away to another app and back to Affinity Photo, this corruption clears up, which validates that it's a bug, not some kind of hidden masking (sometimes zoom and pan will force a successful redraw, sometimes not). Also, it would help a lot to have there be some kind of labeling on the filter controls panel to indicate to the user that they're working with a static filter or a live filter. There's really nothing on the screen that lets us know what we're doing if we've walked away and come back mid-action.
  12. As I am moving through the Interactive Introduction, i am noticing that moving the image around results in pixelation (or downsampling) of the image. I then noticed the same thing happens when painting with color overlay (the iris color change). Is this something i can stop, so i am working with the image in full resolution at all times? Any painting actions will be rather difficult for me if the image is downsampled while I'm working on things. I've not seen this happen in any of the other image editing/painting apps i have, so I'm presuming it's not a requirement of the iPad or iOS architecture. In fact, the video demonstration doesn't show this happening either.
  13. I'm using the version mentioned above but there's no audio. I don't have sound muted. I don't have do not disturb enabled. EDIT: my bad. I just read that the interactive introduction has no sound. The tutorials do. No problem here.
  14. Also, it's frustrating that the browser scroll is reset to the top of the page when going back to a prior page...
  15. Is this not the consequence of a webpage having rollovers that aren't usable on a touch interface? It's quite frustrating to have to tap multiple times. Every desktop site with rollovers is a PITA on touch-based devices and I generally give them feedback about it. The whole "responsive" web design thing should be removing rollovers based on browser detection.
  16. Add me to the list of users who REALLY want to see gesture preferences where we can define what the app should pay attention to and what it should ignore when our skin makes contact with the screen. When using a stylus, it tends to be the ONLY thing i want to make marks on the screen. As for zoom, undo, and rotation, I strongly prefer those gestures to also be configurable by the user. I'm in agreement that the rotation and zoom are too easily triggered unintentionally on other apps and want full control here in this one.
  17. AH HAH! Thank you for informing me of that subtle aspect. I've just tested the tilt away from the control point and it works just fine. The instructional video should be changed, IMO, because it might be misleading others who haven't bothered to come here and ask for help.
  18. It's only partially working for me. Tilt seems not to work. I'm going through the intro and the demonstration shows tilt adjusts the light from the top middle adjustment point, via Pencil tilt. This does nothing for me. The Pencil works otherwise as expected. Is there no audio on these videos? iPad Pro 12.9" (first gen), iOS 10.3.1.
  19. Please do. The more space used by stuff that's not mine, the less space there is for stuff that's mine.
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