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  1. royalcrown28

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.2

    Dang, still no trim canvas
  2. royalcrown28

    Photo: Auto crop/trim?

    Making sprite atlas and sprite sheets is abysmal without a trim canvas feature
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    How would I do that?
  5. Is there a hotkey for flipping horizontal/vertical? In AD there's a nifty toolbar at the top for this. But it's nowhere to be found in AP. Digging around in context menus really slows down my work flow when i'm arranging blades of grass that need to be flipped.
  6. Honestly, none of this is really an acceptable work flow. There should be a mirror function/tool. But I think i've got joining the paths working now
  7. I ended up solving it by joining them, creating a 3rd point between the two, deleting the original two, then re-positioning the new point where i wanted it. Now i'm just trying to figure out why my symbols aren't working as expected.
  8. Well, i'm nearly there, I created a symbol for the spikes. I'm trying to edit the symbol so that all the instances have shading on them, but they don't seem to be synced at all. No edits I make seem to propagate to the instances. Leaf Cutter.afdesign
  9. Ah, that would be it. Thank you
  10. I've been doing that, it's not been merging the nodes in the same place, just connecting them. So when their arms(whatever the two control points from the nodes are called) it distorts the smooth curve
  11. here is what i'm trying to fix without having to start over completely, Because there are 2 points in one location, they dont line up across the center line. I just need one node on the center lane after duplication and joining.
  12. While on the topic of symmetry, I have a centerline path. When I select two different objects, how do I ensure they are equidistant from the center line? For instance, the mandibles here, how can i be sure they are both the same distance from center? Leaf Cutter.afdesign
  13. With the 1.7 updates it looks like I have all the features I need to start creating assets for my game development now. I'm trying to ink my sketch that was drawn using symmetry feature in Affinity Photo. I'm drawing my path on half the image, duplicating>flipping>shifting>selecting both curves>joining Then I'm fine tuning the best i can with the wonky snapping I have going on to get both endpoint on the centerline. This results in me having 2 nodes in exactly the same place. Which causes issue when making any future adjustments. What better option do I have for achieving symmetry, or how do I "merge" two nodes occupying the same space. Leaf Cutter.afdesign
  14. royalcrown28

    Shift Key constrain to axis.

    oh well, photoshop renews in 2 days. I guess i'll check back next year. Cheers. edit: Oh! It's added everyone! sweet. just in time. update in version 1.7.
  15. royalcrown28

    Shift Key constrain to axis.

    Any updates on this or anywhere I can check to see when it's safe to reinstall?