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  1. royalcrown28

    Shift Key constrain to axis.

    oh well, photoshop renews in 2 days. I guess i'll check back next year. Cheers. edit: Oh! It's added everyone! sweet. just in time. update in version 1.7.
  2. royalcrown28

    Shift Key constrain to axis.

    Any updates on this or anywhere I can check to see when it's safe to reinstall?
  3. Like with photoshop and similar tools, when using the paint brush or similar tools, please allow to constrain to x/y axis or other angles when drawing and holding shift. I understand the pen tool is there for straight lines, but when i'm drawing a perspective grid, or working in 1 point or 2 point perspective, switching back and forth between tools, aligning to a grid that I dont even use, then moving the points to where i need them and rasterizing is an extremely daunting process to get a straight, vertical line. When all alternatives software just require me press the shift key, this is an absolute must have and a complete deal breaker for use.
  4. IDK, blackink does this, and its created by a small independent team. Their solution is actually better than photoshops bc it lets you choose which angle to lock to in addition to vert horz just by holding shift. But yeah... pen tool isn't enough for me right now... I don' just need perfectly straight lines, I need perfectly vertical lines right now, and this is a real setback not having an easy solution to achieve that. But its not like this is a "premium feature" that only top notch programs would have. Locking to x/y axis is something a freshman could implement. It just slipped under the radar when they were making this I guess. Hopefully it comes soon. Not even being able to draw my 2 point perspective grid is pretty annoying though. There isn't even a Line Tool as a fallback.
  5. i want anti-aliasing. But its not working, as you can see in the picture. Like I said, its not zoomed in, you can see the full 1920X1080 canvas and the pixelation is still very prominent with a hardness of 0
  6. I'm trying to sketch out my design to carry over to AD, i've got a 1080p canvas, and a 10px brush. at 300 DPI. My zoom is not the issue. Here's a side by side comparison and example of my desired behavior. Top is what i want, photoshop way zoomed in, no pixelation issues. Bottom is AP, zoomed out full canvas, with aliasing issues. both canvases are 1080p with a 10px brush.
  7. What is this behavior from the commercial? How can i replicate this on my own? Where the fangs are changing shape while resizing, or how all the feathers are moving at once. https://youtu.be/dirJy4suAbs?t=46
  8. that wouldn't work for pen tablets though
  9. Hi there, I just got affinity designer for windows. I'm already having issue, I feel like I need to hold a magnifying glass to my screen to be able to see anything. The UI is exceedingly tiny. Similiar programs i'm use to using have an option to change the scale? On both my monitor and drawing tab, it's very very small. Will there be added support for this soon? I really don't want to destroy my eyeballs trying to use this software if not.