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  1. That’s Scary. Especially in this age of technological wizardry. Not moving along with the wave, it will pass you. I wish them luck if that’s their stance.
  2. Dear Serif, How much do I have to pay you, to have this feature added in a (very soon) update for Affinity Photo on iPad? Adobe Photo has this feature, well... you need to as well fam SIDENOTE: Designer for ipad waiting anxiously on it.
  3. For some reason applying lighting filter onto car headlight, is darkening the entire Photo? I want the natural lighting of the photo to remain, all I’m trying to do is add lighting to the car headlights, which are off. Would appreciate if someone can express how I can go about this. Thank you.
  4. UPDATE: @stokerg Still not appearing in my other folders unfortunately, so it doesn’t follow me around, it only saves in the palette of the project I am within ORIGINAL POST @stokerg that did it, I wasn’t aware of that extra step. Thank you. This will save so much time in the future. Thank you guys regarding Vector.
  5. Thank you. I’ll look through this and respond to your question above later. Currently on a deadline closing out some work. Which exactly is the vector based file selection for upload? I see pdf, svg, tiff, hdr, eps...I don’t see .AI for vector, to my understanding that is vector file executable correct? Or am I missing something?
  6. Only options I have is “add to application pallete and add to document palette” no mention of: “add to current fill to palette” I chose both options “individually” and for each one, I closed out of that project, went into a different project in a entirely different folder - unfortunately, none of those options work. It only saves it in the current project your in, doesn’t follow you everywhere in the app, and that‘s what I want. Any suggestions?
  7. How’s it going my wonderful community, question, I want to save the color off a photo. I have no idea what color it is. It’s a certain kind of blue. How do I get Affinity Photo to: 1) Recognize the color and show me its details (details as in what colors and what exact numerical values create it) 2) How do I save that color and give it profile or some kind of name, so I may save it, and come back to it in the future - is this even possible? Hope I’m not getting too far ahead in feature possibilities. 3) Lastly, how do I save a file as a vector based file? Or upload it as a vector based file? (I know how to upload it) just can’t seem to find where to upload it as a vector. Thank you. I’ve attached the photo of the color I’m trying to save and find out its numerical creation values. It’s the cartoon font that says “Step 1” I would like to know what kind of blue is that.
  8. UPDATE: .psd portion resolved. I thought it was not working because of the following reason: The designer whom created the letterhead did so with adobe illustrator. I have .psd and .ai version of it. Would prefer to use .ai since it’s vector based, unfortunately, there’s an issue there as well. The issue with Affinity Photo which shocked me, is that, when I opened the .psd file, it opened without its layers. The creator of this file left layer accessibility (never flattening) for future updates. So, when I opened this same .psd file with Procreate.... all the layers were there. Cool! But, there are no text tools to fix the text. Always something. Now, when I open the same file with Affinity Photo (no layers) appear. This Sucks elephant balls. Why? Because my time is limited and I chose to learn Affinity Photo with that limited time, going off the YouTube videos, leading me to believe - it can do stuff like this. Unfortunately, now I have to waste more time in the forums scouring answers, since responses are not swift, once I leave here... I have to scour the net for answers. So guys, why are the layers in the .psd file are not appearing in your app? (Picture below) also, node tools? Do we have that? That can help me delete the graphic icons by the text such as address, phone... etc, as well as raise up/rearrange the other graphical nodes (in the Picture below) Lastly, why can I not open a .ai file from my google drive? It’s grayed out. (Picture below) ORIGINAL POST: Hello, wonderful to see this forum buzzing with even more life since I’ve last been here, and it was already lively to begin with. Love the quick edit button on the forums and the all these new features... look at you serif? Making moves. Excellent, not only are the new features robust, but very user friendly. You guys rock! My issue, I have a .psd letter head where I need to edit its text. I tried following these instruction by @MEB “Hi adrianokalil, Welcome to Affinity Forums Go to Affinity Designer Preferences, General section and check Import PSD text as text rather than bitmap.” @MEB posted this in the following thread: I’ve uploaded my file, as you can see on the upper right hand side, I want to remove where it says “phone number” and raise up the following text underneath it. Would appreciate some help here. Thank you.
  9. Wonderful, will get on it. thank you sir, exactly what babyfeet over here needed as I'm still new to all of this.
  10. Ok, so smart selection is the key. Thank you. Quick question, would this also apply to layering? (I'm going to try it anyways, but thought I'd still ask) Say I'm using a huge piece of layer, but only care for a portion of it to show onto my chosen area - can this smart selection brush technique be used with this scenario?
  11. I should had put that on there my mistake. iPad Pro 10.5 iOS 10.3.3 Affinity Photo Beta 1.6.45 UPDATE: Iv'e added images in the OP with context to provide insight.
  12. iPad Pro 10.5 iOS 10.3.3 Affinity Photo Beta 1.6.45 UPDATE 2: Unfortunately, it's bugged. I just finished applying perspective onto my new text, lay it appropriately against that pie chart, I then proceeded to go back in and select it so I may add some features from "fx" onto it, sadly, I can't choose it via move tool, flat out it refuses to register any changes. I then go on to choose text tool, and nothing, it just creates new text when I tap on the field of the existing text. Could be once perspective is applied, it becomes bugged? (I forgot to mention that below in my breakdown) in which... I did apply perspective onto the infected text demonstrated below. UPDATE: (BUG DISCOVERED) Ok, here's my theory. (Do keep in mind I'm using Affinity Photo Beta 1.6.45) THE BUG: When you choose "MOVE TOOL" under Photo persona. If you zoom out you are not allowed to move chosen asset. Instead it only allows you resize/reshape. The text were at 6 points height in the images below: In this image, you'll notice, I'm zoomed in and the asset has moved location. That's because, once you zoom in, you are able to "move the asset" (but at the above image view scale you are not allowed) so my conclusion... This has somehow triggered something in the app, to not allow me to interact with the text in the images I've presented here. Basically, infecting the text into bug life. I tried to replicate the issue but to no avail. I went ahead deleted that infected text and started a new one, which at the moment, no issues. However, I still have to zoom in closely to move the text around with the move tool. It was never like this before, you can move text from any view scale. ORIGINAL POST: Chose the text via Photo persona, then move tool. Text was highlighted - went over to color wheel, to change its color, doesn't work. Then tried to select the text so I can change font, also doesn't work.... instead starts typing out new text?! I checked layer, make sure it was chosen (highlighted gray) I've always said, text is buggy as hell. Need help here, this is bonkers. Nothing he is doing in video below, is working for me. PICTURES BELOW: Image 1 shows Color wheel at pink/red color -- text stays the same Image 2 shows Text layer is highlighted in the layer menu Image 3 shows New Text pops up when I choose current text and then tap text persona
  13. As title asks. For those wondering what I'm asking - There is a way to choose what area to color within, even if you color intentionally outside of it, Affinity won't register it. (Keeps the color contained to chosen area) Thats what I'm asking, how do I activate this feature? I ran across a tutorial on how to do it awhile back, (but I didn't need this knowledge at the time) didn't know I would. Anyways... I think the guide is in one of the tutorials that comes with the app - I just don't know where. Thank you.
  14. Thank you. I'll search for it. But your installing response is kind of vague - how exactly do I import them? What's the steps? Thank you.
  15. Title says it all. While I'm here, might as well ask. If anybody knows a site where I can get some, please share links. Thank you.
  16. This is an beyond amazing app for iPad. I've been an iOS only mobile lifestyle for over 8 years now. (No PC) This is one of those far and few classic apps that appear. A true grace to the mobile sector, a true game changer, done with touchscreen in mind. Gestures, long presses, swipes. Oozes with the heart and soul applied to crafting this gem. Serif is on their MF'ng game. Anyways, I say all that, to say this -- This app deserves the full NON DISCOUNTED price. I spend more on bulk purchase of toiletries.
  17. I totally missed this post. I deleted that project, so I wouldn't know the exact size. Good to see they've identified it and are working on a fix. Thanks for checking in @Chris B
  18. What I'm using: iPad Pro 10.5 iOS 10.3.3 Affinity Photo 1.6.4 (Beta) Now this brother below is EXTREMELY talented. I never thought about going out to gather my own source material. Used google for it. What I'd like to know, is how can I do, what he did at the 2:26 mark? It seems like he sketched the edges on there and then applied the realistic layer on top of the sketching. If that's the case, how would I go about replicating that process in Affinity Photo (for iPad)? I'm would like to replicate his project best I can, so I can learn (Serif doesn't release a guide on how to create that lady from iPad Affinity Photo Intro) and being I'm still baby feet, I've decided, I'm going to learn what I can from this mad genius below. (Still have love for you Serif!) I understand he's using photoshop, but to my knowledge, Affinity Photo does the same or very close too Photoshop if I'm not mistaken with editing and desifgn. If somebody can share how I can about doing what he did at the 2:26 mark (sketching in those hilly folds and then layering it) I would greatly appreciate it. My OTHER issue: Recently stumbled upon, hard to explain, so please bare with me. I hope there's a name for it. Ok, here goes: Say I'm coloring an asset (a picture of a car) how do I get the app to NOT allow me to paint outside of the car? (keeping the color on the car only) even when I mistakenly pass the paint brush outside of it. Is there a name for this process? also, can the same be done with layering? (No accidental) slippage of layer, leaking out of the main item it's supposed to be layered onto. Hopefully a video on how to do this exists somewhere -- thanks! This is a bonus video. Just putting it up to show off this mans genius!
  19. I'm not familiar with searching them I suppose. I have tried, I have no idea if it's because I'm new and maybe searching for it using wrong key phrases "smoke brushes, cool smoke brushes, realistic smoke brushes" I just keep running into cheap looking smoke effects. For example, in my last thread awhile back: @obtusity was kind enough to link me to a smoke brush collection download, unfortunately, they don't work? Or, I'm doing it wrong? When I choose them, they automatically open up to pixel width up in the 2000s, taking up half my screen, however, it does look realistic that way. However, my picture is not that big, and so, when I decrease the pixel width to about 40, the smoke effect, that looked real in the 2000s, looks like a thin bent up shoe string in the 40s - wth? All of the ones in that pack do this. I say all to say this, If you know of one or any, please share.
  20. iPad Pro 10.5 iOS 10.2.3 Affinity Photo Beta 1.6.4 400gigs free space PROBLEM: Stuck on refine load. Happens when I refine, and immediately go back to trace over and refine some more, after prior refining process has completed.
  21. Looking for smoke brushes that create the exact same effect as the YouTube video below. Must be compatible with Afinity Photo for iPad. Please show me a image, video or gallery of your brush in action, so I can decide if I want to buy. Thank you.
  22. Hello everyone, Despite my forum name, I really am, a 2 week or so, brand new baby to the world of photo editing. Most I've done is crop. I'm not a photographer. I'm not even an artist that can draw. I however am part of a gaming development business. For what I do, I needed something to where I can create my vision and show it to people. When I discovered Affinity Photo (about 3 weeks ago) and what it's iPad software can do, well... I knew right there, this is what I needed. Having a vibrant Community and Moderators sealed the deal. As I started watching YouTube for videos on it, I kept getting these "Affinity Designer" recommendations. Naturally, I doved in, checked them out. I initially throught, it was a add on for AP. Upon further watching, I now know, that's not the case. If I'm seeing and absorbing correctly, we can literally create stuff from scratch with Affinity Designer? Create renders? Create small scripted animated scenes? A camera panning through a bedroom showing off the room detail? a cartoon character walking? If this is what AD can do, this is EXACTLY what I need! A software that will allow me to "illustrate" in maximum detail what I see in my mind. With AP, I still have to scour the net for pictures, which is ok, but if I can create it directly from my mind, it matches the vision. Hence, not relying on those "close to" the vision images to convey it. Any good videos that breaksdown exactly what Affinity Designer can and cannot do? Or can anyone here express how it compares or differentiates from AP? Is there a iPad release? iPad Beta? Thank you.
  23. I have 400gigs of free space. Thank you regarding the save, that somehow escaped me, even though I knew that. Wow! How the newbie mind works. Moving along, I was not aware regarding the 300second auto save, will definitely lower it for my preferences. My issue somehow triggers when when I have too many layers, where it does the whole crash thing. My immediate "topical" solution was to merge a few layers, send them to the cloud, and pull them back in in a fresh new document. Also regarding pulling in files from iCloud - here's the headache with that. Would prefer not to rehash it all over again, here is a link to a thread I created expressing the few problems with it:
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