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  1. Not true, normaly when i newd 0.8 i press 0.8 and I get 0.8. Did you watch the video? Are you saying this is normal
  2. Hi, this exactly what i am trying to do, but as you can see in the video it doesnt respond to the numbers i type in. Instead of 2 whatbi am typing it gives me a high random number like 265. And the slide goes from o to 500 and skips everything in the middle as you also can see in the video. When you create a line with the brush how do you sugest i change the thickness
  3. Dont know whatbi am doing wrong. On computer i see the video. On the mobile i also dont see it
  4. Uplpaded the videoHi there, On the video you can see i am using the apple pencil 20220405_122834.mp4
  5. Good day, Pmease see attached video, i cannot control the size of the brush. This problem i have already for a long time. Both on photo and designer. Does anyone know how to silve this 20220405_122834.mp4
  6. Good day, I have this big problem recently, if i want to use any button on the top menu bar. The button is not reacting,Good day, I have this big problem recently, if i want to use any button on the top menu bar. The button is not reacting, i cannot leave my work or use the first 2 manu buttons. Please take a look at the photo
  7. Good day please see my attached photo, I am struggling a little bit with my colors lately. on the color pallet you see the blue in the pipet should be the same color as the square, any one knows what pappend. then uploading it to Trello or different type the colors are completely different then on the iPad. when I save it to the iPad then upload it to Trello the colors stay the same? any help
  8. Why it is still not possible to back up your files. eighter in total or selective or per folder. I have hundreds files maybe thousand, it is difficult to move files around doesn’t do The program justice. can only move one file out of a folder,if I put it in a different folder it ends up at the bottom. please organise this, it’s a nightmare. henk '
  9. Still didn’t find any solution for selecting multiple layers. As it looks when selecting one layer it makes a square of the area that is selected, if I select the second layer outside of the square it seems to do it but if I select inside the square it will not select. This was not the case before the update. henk
  10. Yes that i know, thats from the layer panel.but my layers are randomly 1 at the top and one in the middle, try finding them. No before the update i can select layers by clicking on the layer holding 1 finger down and select next layer or anker paint. It still works but more often not then yes. So something changed in the update
  11. Hi dm1, I use photos for my designs it gives me a little more freedom in some areas, See attached small video. I select multiple layers to adjust colors or even on one line i select multiple points to move. Suddenly after the last update i am struggling to select layers Thanks 20200908_214645.mp4
  12. Hi DM1 Yes I use a pencil and yes I have turned on Touch for gestures only
  13. Hi, Correct that is in the layer panel, on the image or design I can also select multiple layers by holding 1 finger on the screen
  14. Hi there, since the last update I am struggling a bit with selecting multiple layers. normaly I select the first layer the put 1 finger on the screen and I can select more layers. after the last update I can’t select layers that easy anymore. did something changed there rgds, henk
  15. Played around a little bit more. i didn’t draw in the first test and maybe also not the other tests. now I opende the empty document turned off snapping saved and started drawing then closed it. closing and reopening now looks like it stays off. let me test it a little bit more
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