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  1. Hi all, i don’t know if this is true or not, I come from photoshop on pc. when I select a layer in photoshop it also points you to the layer in the layer pannel. in affinity I also thought this was the same way, but somehow now it doesn’t point me to that layer anymore. meaning that if I select a layer in the layers pannel it is highlighted but the view doesn’t go there, i use many sub layers and now it takes me some time to search for that layer. Does anyone knows what I mean, it is just a little annoying to look where the layer is. hope it can be solved some how. rgds, henk brouwer
  2. HenkBrwr

    Selecting layer

    Thanks, found it. solved
  3. Hi there, when backing up my files to the cloud, it drops everything in one folder. I want to organise my files, but in photo going to import or open from cloud it does not give me a small tile of the file. so I have no clue what it is, via the files app it’s the same no preview tiles, am I doing something wrong? see the 2 photos. rgds Henk
  4. Hi, Can it be possible to have a preferred paper size. I always use the same paper size, maybe to have an option in preference or remember last size used. would be great. henk brouwer
  5. Hi there, i have the new IPad 2018 12.9 inch. Last week suddenly my latest design turned into a design I made earlier, the original of that design has this saving circle on it and does not completely save. i could not find my design in the cloud, yesterday I had exact the same issue again, luckily I have found it in the cloud. i never name my designs only at the latest moment so there are many designs with no name, maybe that can be an issue? I hope someone has an answer on this, I cannot loose my designs after working some days on it. best regards, Henk Brouwer
  6. Can it be possible to automatic backup to the cloud with full path name. Now I ha e to save 1 by one and all is transferred to the cloud in the same path. If I am working on a different iPad or computer it takes to much time to be organised. Thanks HenkBrouwer
  7. Hi, Does Antyone know why I Cannot paint on a new pixel layer, in I import a pixel layer I can paint. maybe I am doing somerhing wrong. please help. henk Brouwer
  8. Hi Gabe, yes correct, thans solved
  9. Hi there. I save my files in categories in the affinity app. Is there a way to get it sorted by date. It gives me a better overview of my last work. Thanks
  10. Hi Med. Sorry for the late replay, i tried it but it still rasterise the layer. And I can only tab that "thunder" icon in perspective.
  11. Is there a was to transform without rasterising the layer. as soon as I use onze of these filters iT rasterise the layer. henk
  12. HenkBrwr

    affinity photo crash on windows

    This is not a hobby. What do you think. I payed for this software
  13. HenkBrwr

    Shape with dotted / dashed line

    Hi there, i imported Some designs from affinity photo for windows to the iPad and iT keeps the Dashed lines. this is real Nice but all new lines are Dashed cant get normal lines now. henk
  14. HenkBrwr

    affinity photo crash on windows

    hi Paul, That is exactly what I will tell my mechanic, I don't want to tell him what is wrong he needs to tell me and to get to it he will then ask me some questions. As you can see already that it is for windows, I don't think that it should matter witch Wacom I use but it is the intuos pro 4. I am just telling you what happend and that is all I know about it. My computer is an Surface pro 4. henk
  15. HenkBrwr

    affinity photo crash on windows

    So far what I discovered besides the crashing. 1 Wacom messes up so keyboard will not respond anymore, pressing the mouse somewhere on the screen is solving this issue, 2 export to PSD is not flawless many layers are messed up somehow. more to come henk
  16. HenkBrwr

    affinity photo crash on windows

    So far it crashes randomly, as well a lot of other flaws the program has, as for the 100 % usage the whole computer is stock. looks like a bad beta software. I need to work with this software and that is almost impossible. henk
  17. HenkBrwr

    affinity photo crash on windows

    Same problem here. Also in task manager it shoes 100 % usage of affinity.
  18. Hi all. After using affinity on the IPad I decided to buy it also on the tablet (SURFACE PRO 4) Now I cannot find how to rotate the canvas with my hand. Is this possible? Please advise. Henkbrwr
  19. Besides rotating by hand. Can there be something like free rotation with the pen by pressing a menu key and the rotate the canvas with the pen. Henk
  20. I am trying to place a photo on na existing layered artwork and when I try to save iT crashes. no matter what I try New artwork then import existing and new also crashes, closing all programs and start new doesnt help. need help please henk
  21. HenkBrwr

    Crashing after place photo iOS 11

    NOS just keeps crashing cant do Nottingham anymore. when staving iT crahes. henk
  22. After a while a annoying circle appears and doesn't want to go away anymore. any help on this please. rgds, henk
  23. HenkBrwr

    Circle in screen doesn't go away

    Hi Cris, I think you are right, often I go,s away again but at some point I doesn't leave and like you say, the only way to get rid of it is to close it and kill the app and then restart. Hope someone has the solution. thanks.
  24. HenkBrwr

    Circle in screen doesn't go away

    Hi Cris, that can be but I am not sure, maybe it is the circle that appear when you change the with / size. It is there from day one. thnx
  25. HenkBrwr

    Clone brush freeze

    When using the Clone brush me iPad pro start behaving strange, circles apear and doet want to go away anymore. Press and hold doesnt work

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