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  1. Still didn’t find any solution for selecting multiple layers. As it looks when selecting one layer it makes a square of the area that is selected, if I select the second layer outside of the square it seems to do it but if I select inside the square it will not select. This was not the case before the update. henk
  2. Yes that i know, thats from the layer panel.but my layers are randomly 1 at the top and one in the middle, try finding them. No before the update i can select layers by clicking on the layer holding 1 finger down and select next layer or anker paint. It still works but more often not then yes. So something changed in the update
  3. Hi dm1, I use photos for my designs it gives me a little more freedom in some areas, See attached small video. I select multiple layers to adjust colors or even on one line i select multiple points to move. Suddenly after the last update i am struggling to select layers Thanks 20200908_214645.mp4
  4. Hi DM1 Yes I use a pencil and yes I have turned on Touch for gestures only
  5. Hi, Correct that is in the layer panel, on the image or design I can also select multiple layers by holding 1 finger on the screen
  6. Hi there, since the last update I am struggling a bit with selecting multiple layers. normaly I select the first layer the put 1 finger on the screen and I can select more layers. after the last update I can’t select layers that easy anymore. did something changed there rgds, henk
  7. Played around a little bit more. i didn’t draw in the first test and maybe also not the other tests. now I opende the empty document turned off snapping saved and started drawing then closed it. closing and reopening now looks like it stays off. let me test it a little bit more
  8. Closed the program, restarted the program, opened a new document, turned off snapping in the pen tools, closed the document, reopened it and snapping was still off. closed the program, reopened the program and opened the document again and snapping is turned on again
  9. Sorry, after closing the program and restarting back on again. fu..
  10. Hi Paul, thanks for your reaction. Turn it off and see the snapping in the pen tool menu. this works separate from each other. thanks anyway.
  11. Hi all, is there a way to completely turn off any snapping in photo on the iPad. every time I use the pen tool is snaps, I go down to the pen menu and there I can turn off Geometry And Construction snapping. but the next time it is turned on again. Is there a way to permanently turn off all these snapping, tried everything allready. see photo THANKS HENK
  12. Hi there, A while ago I asked if it is possible to have dotted lines in photo. I started playing with that myself and I made a file in designer with all the options in stroked lines, dotted lines etc. Saved it to the cloud and imported the file in Photo. I can use any of these lines and adjust them like a normal line. It is not 100 procent perfect but it does the job. would like to see if it is possible to have this standard in photo rgds Henk brouwer
  13. Hi there, in designer for the iPad I have the option to scale with object, meaning my lines will scale with resizing. in photo I cannot find this option, or is there another way for this. henk brouwer
  14. IPad designer and photo. I created some patterns to use in my designs, for the printer I want tocopherol it into a A4 document. So I copy the artboard that holds the pattern and copy it into a new document, when I paste it the program crashes. If I save it to the cloud and open it in photo same thing happens, direct crash. even when I open it on the computer in Affinity photo, it has real difficulties with the file. Anybody any idea henk
  15. Pleased see next video, it's a pattern in a mask. Continue it is showing the hidden part of the pattern. Any idea 20200308_160455.mp4
  16. Maybe it was there before, I start notice it direct after the update. Maybe because the program reacts a little slower as you see in the first video. Maybe that combination makes it that I noticed it now and not before.
  17. This is what I get when I zoom in and out. Tried to capture it but on the video you dont see it. This filter shows exact what I get when zooming in and or out
  18. Also if I zoom in or out the lines become blurry and the slowly become sharp again. Thanks. Henk 20200303_110027.mp4
  19. After the update to 1.8 I see that vector lines get blurry when moving or zooming in and out, also when moving a photo around looks choppy. ANY SOLUTION FOR THIS. rgds, Henk Brouwer
  20. After the update to 1.8 I see that lines get vector lines get blurry, when moving a photo around looks choppy. ANY SOLUTION FOR THIS. rgds, Henk Brouwer
  21. I can only measure after printing with and actual measuring tape henk
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