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  1. thanks! and how do it load presets? I only see an add preset button.
  2. In Photoshop curves adjustment you can click on a neutral grey and it will automatically color correct it. Is there something similar in AP? Also how do I use the color-pick tool for selective editing in the HSL and White Balance filter?
  3. I still don’t know how to change the colors on the gradient map filter to the ones in the swatch.
  4. There’s no “create palette from image” option in the swatches menu though?
  5. I can’t find “create palette from image” and how do I apply a palette to the gradient map? Usually I just have to use the color picker on the palette but for some reason it ignores the palette so I have no idea how to apply the palette onto the gradient map. Another issue I have is not being able to paste hex color codes for some reason. This makes it very annoying if I look up a color and need to quickly add it.
  6. You can also just copy the picture and then open a new project via clipboard. That’s how I always do it.
  7. Thanks that worked! For some reason the tutorial I followed never rasterized it. I thought if it’s a pixel image it’s always rasterized automatically. What’s the difference?
  8. When I mark an area and then to “create layer from selection” it just copies that whole layer and if I invert the selection to delete everything around it, it deletes that whole layer?
  9. Yeah there’s usually an option where it displays the painted (white area) in red but I can’t find how to make it appear here.
  10. How do I pick a color on the picture and then changing it’s hue and values freely across the area? The color replacement doesn’t do any of that since coloring over blue with white only turns it grey.
  11. Right now I’m stuck with my work because I need to see where I painted in the layer mask but could not find something that’s literally just a button press on desktop. I used a fill layer as a temporary fix however that doesn’t not work on adjustment layer masks.
  12. I was wondering if it’s easy to follow something like a tutorial for Affinity Photo that is shown on the desktop version with the iOS version since both versions are pretty much identical?
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