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  1. Maybe I’m missing something. But I’m having this same issue/request. I’m on iPad version though. Having it only in raw editing isn’t great, I’m using soft proofing layer to try and understand how it’ll come out at the printers, and need to ensure this is where I see the clipping, not but switching back into develop mode.
  2. Hello, Thanks for the free update to 1.9 on the ipad. Things to note 1) I just went to edit a photo that I’ve previously saved in AP. All i did was change a value to any filter, and I get black squares on my external monitor. This being an LG ultrafine 4K. 2) All nice to be able to login to your account, for what ever reason it might be useful for, but it would be even better to link my Apple ID to my account please. 3) Perhaps I’ve missed this, but there doesn’t appear to be any shortcuts, or facility to set it up, to allow me to use CMD+0 or CMD+1 as zoom to fit, or zo
  3. No. You are simply not paying attention. it is technically possible to run iOS apps on M1 computers, but developers have the option to disable it in the store. Development for things like memory management on iPad apps is far different to dealing with macs who have a lot more RAM.
  4. You may think it's unacceptable but it's entirely your own fault. Understand that your device has small memory. When you switch to other apps, iPadOS deals with what apps get to sit in memory and which need to be dropped to allow more space for the most recent app(s) you've been opening. It is therefore up to you to understand the limitations of your own device, and adjust the settings for how regularly Affinity Photo saves your work. Go into the settings icon, under General, change the autosave Interval to something lower.
  5. Yes this seems to do the same thing. For some reason I was expecting this to produce a lesser quality file, but it doesn't appear to be the case. thanks for sharing.
  6. This is great. thanks for sharing this post. Although does make me wonder why Serif hasn't fixed something that seem's so simple/little.
  7. I’m probably missing a trick. But there doesn’t appear to be any option in my apps share button, to share to Affinity Photo. For example in Photos, or Mylio, when I want to send an image to an external editor, I can go to the share button and I see Darkroom and RawPower and others, but I cannot share to Affinity Photos? Is this the case for everyone, or do I need to fix something?
  8. Shame if they don’t release one as it seems to be an area that doesn’t have many apps available, and certainly not ones aimed at people who do more than shoot with their phone. That said I have just installed Mylio, and this seems to be great for syncing across all my machines so I can view and edit from anyway. Only problem now is that on my iPad, I cannot see Affinity Photo in my Share option from any app.
  9. Thanks. Pixave almost looks good. But when I tried it there was zero support for external SSD, and doesn’t even respect folders within Apple Photos, so I cannot pull in one folder which contains many albums. Looks like it’s not been updated for a while. I just find that without a decent DAM on iPad, it’s utterly useless for photo editing for me. It’s one of the things I hate about apple. They are always decades behind in flexibility for users who step out of the Apple circle and use a dedicate camera, or decent storage device. Thanks anyway.
  10. Trying to open (raw) file from Apple Photo into affinity photo but affinity photo doesn’t appear in the share option (I’ve checked edit to add new apps in share option). Why doesn’t affinity photo appear there? Does anyone have a decent DAM on iPad, one that would actually work viewing photos in folders(and sub folders) on a external SSD? For now I’ve had to upload a copy of all my entire RAW files into Photos, but it’s rubbish compare to what you need (like searching by exif, tags etc)
  11. Hello, are you going to fix 1) When in affinity photo and you go to import from apple Photo, it only shows you albums. But it completely ignores the fact that I’ve organised all my albums into folders to make it organised, and doesn’t drive me insane to navigate and find my photos. Please make Affinity Photo for iPad RESPECT and use these folders. 2) When viewing photos in Apple Photo, there is no option to Share To affinity Photo. Basically there is absolutely no decent DAM on iPad what so ever. Zero, none. And so the closest thing I have is to use Apple Photo. From there you s
  12. Would be nice to see some videos of end-2-end please, covering example topics of portrait edits, landscape, wildlife, family, changing sky on landscapes, composite image of something really creative (see phlearn for example). and also proofing for printing,
  13. Yes please. though I think it’s going to be an insane amount of work to get something like this working and passed App Store rules which is why they just use iOS raw support.
  14. I just made a similar post about the poor interfacing with Apple apps. im also not sure if the above suggestion would work with raw files, I think it would only copy the jpg preview that photos makes? personally I have hundreds of albums because when I import images I like to keep the same folder structure as my external drive. But affinity photo doesn’t respect folders in Apple photos albums.
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