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    How to merge layers? [Solved]

    UPDATE: Solved. Ellipsis icon (the 3 dot icon upper left screen, after selecting your layers) Select your multiple layers. (Put finger/Apple Pencil on layer, while finger/Apple Pencil is resting on it, swipe to you left) this is how you select multiple layers. Once layers selected, the 3 dots on the upper (left side) of your screen. NOT the 3 dots directly above your layers, go in there select merge, then select chosen layers (or specific to your scenario). If I saved you time, let me know, thanks.
  2. I am coming from an AP background, apologies if my questions are coming across dumb. Can’t find online so here I am. AP has Mesh Warp and Perspective alteration - cannot find in AD. Help - thanks.
  3. *Update* Found it once I tapped on whatever that third persona is called. It’s no longer in the 3 dots menu, it’s now in the menu, that in AP usually has export option. Nestled in there. Trying to add a background image - does not have a place photo like AP, unless something I am doing wrong? Cannot seem to find an answer on internet - keep getting AP questions asking how to add image, but not designer. First time really trying learn AD. Thank You.
  4. This would be beyond amazing. I was trying to figure out if I could do just that literally about 3 hours ago.
  5. Affinity iPad Student

    Transforming, Curving Arrrows?

    Must we use the pen tool to draw arrows to our specifications? I use the arrow head, it’s perfect, but curving the body - how? Perfect example, see the arrows in the attached images. I want to be able to do the same with the body of the arrow, I would like to curve it after a certain length. Thanks.
  6. Affinity iPad Student

    Transforming, Curving Arrrows?

    @DM1 Oh snap! All this time, I didn’t know that I feel I should have known that. Thank you.
  7. Affinity iPad Student

    Transforming, Curving Arrrows?

    I do not know what that is. I’m familiar with pen tool, just not aware of where, is the stabilizer? And what will it do? Add curves?
  8. How do we do this on ipad? (I cannot find spare channel) I was trying to do it with both - pen tool, and selection tool free hand, smart selection tool. I cannot make outline multiple selections. Any help appreciated.
  9. [SOLVED] SCROLL DOWN TO MY 3 STEP POST. STEP BY STEP IF YOU ARE CONFUSED. I created the category. unfortunately, the png assets I am dragging over from my icloud drive, will only drop into the canvas, but not inside the assets category I created inside the asset studio. What am I doing wrong? I checked tutorial guide, nothing in there for this. Thank you.
  10. Affinity iPad Student

    Assets Studio (Import how?) [SOLVED]

    @DM1 Thanks, I was still confused even after your breakdown. Messed around a bit, then figured it out, with your input. I went ahead put together a 3 step follow along in case future AP’s come along asking the same question. Hope this helps those whom are as slow as me.
  11. I read and tried to follow @Alfred suggestion, in the following thread from awhile ago. I must be going blind. I do not see a “stroke studio” in the studios area. My brushes do not have a “dotted line brush” was this removed? several updates since then. I know alfred is correct, I just cannot find for some reason.
  12. Affinity iPad Student

    Affinity Photo iPad Dotted Lines - How?

    You are the man! Thanks Alfred
  13. Affinity iPad Student

    Affinity Photo iPad Dotted Lines - How?

    @Alfred Dang it. I typed affinity photo in the search and that’s what came up. sucks. I’ll have to find some png dot lines now. Thanks
  14. Affinity iPad Student

    Perspective guide with line snapping.

    I’m all for this. As amazing as Serif is when it comes to releasing features that makes workflows more simpler , I’m surprised they haven’t added this yet. (Maybe not priority) sitting somewhere at #6089 in Serif priority list. I asked for this same feature, about about a year ago.
  15. Notability has it, Pro Create has it, However, I use Affinity Photo way more, may you please add it, or may someone guide me to it, if exists
  16. Hello, I have my gestures set for touch only, I still manage to erase with my finger when using eraser tool? I don’t recall this happening before? I use eraser tool all the time. I tried turning on and off “gesture for touch only” and both instances still allow me to erase with my finger??
  17. FILTERS: Had to download a separate app to apply filter onto image I am currently working on, in Affinity. I would had gladly put the money into Serif pocket, but I have no idea if they sell filters or community here has a “here download these cool filters” section. So I downloaded an app and dropped $60 for it’s filter pack, working on a project, do not have time for searching. With that out of the way.. Does affinity photo not have a way to download different filter styles? (Besides the one’s they have) Or a online store I can pay to download a pack - like some of these app do? (If I were them I would had added one within the app - *cha ching* I cannot create a filter to save my life, nor do I have the desire to invest the time required to learn how. Saying this bit, for those that are quick to drop the - create one, it’s easy post - how about you go create it for me Welps, that being said, Will gladly download from wherever and willing to buy some but HOW do I get them onto Affinity Photo?
  18. Affinity iPad Student


    @DM1 You are AMAZING!! Not only did you bless all of us with the LUTS, you even provide videos for the proper steps, to avoid confusion from text on screen words. This community should be proud to have you. I HIGHLY appreciate you, taking the extra time and effort to produce those videos. I hope I can return the favor in kind one day. Thank you.
  19. Affinity iPad Student


    UPDATE: @DM1 Found it, adjustments, click on LUT. I am HIGHLY appreciative for you looking out @DM1 I wish there was a way to store them all, so I can just scroll through each one, to see the effects. Unfortunately, Affinity at the moment, offers an inconvenient, non intuitive way to go about it, (unless I’m wrong - which I pray that I am) At the moment, I have to go to the cloud, for each one. So if I’m just checking through all of them. Here’s the process: 1) Click adjustments, 2) click LUT, 3) click import button, 4) go into cloud folder, 5) go into cloud sub folder, 6) scroll through folder list of LUT names. 7) Choose it, to import. Now on let’s do this another 60 - 80 times? (Makes no sense) Is there a better way I’m not aware of? I rather have them all loaded inside Affinity Photo, preferably the same way AP does with fonts. Load them all in, when you scroll through them, you actually see thier topology style, giving you “at a glance” educated decision, as to, if that’s the font style you want, without you having to click on it, just to see the effect. That’s a HUGE time saver, and workflow boost. Hopefully same with the LUTs.
  20. Affinity iPad Student


    Thank you!!!!!!! going from all the reviews in your thread, it must be AMAZING! Heres the thing, I have no idea how to import them into my affinity photo app. I already unzipped the files (with iZip app) so they are all comfortably in my cloud. Once I enter affinity photo, I have slightest idea where LUTs section is. Tried holding down question mark, doesn’t say. Can you provide a photo showing where I can find it? Thanks. Hungry to try these out.. so many in here!! I want to swim through them.
  21. Affinity iPad Student


    I honestly don’t even know what kinds - because I’m just learning about filters on this level. For now, the kind that makes colors pop, cinematic, vintage, 80’s, 90’s, noir, diesel punk, Art Deco, Batman 1990’s the animated series dark deco - if such a thing exists.. these would be a good start, truthfully though, as long as they look good for my projects, I’m with it. I’d just like to have a huge amount to get lost in, a huge amount of good ones of course.
  22. Running iPad 10.5 pr0 (2017 model) Affinity Photo Version 1.6.12 iOS: 12.1.4 Tried closing out app, then obviously relaunching. Even tested out colors in filter persona, only to get the auto remade options, it’s as if, my manual customization dials have been removed from the app. What’s going on here? Please see attached image for proof.
  23. Affinity iPad Student

    SOLVED: Color Balance not presenting options??

    Fixed. Had to redownload from the cloud. Somehow got bugged.
  24. Some kind of visual indicator (colored dot) somewhere on the workspace, that lights up, whenever a layer or a smart selection is inverted. I’ve made countless errors, because I wasn’t aware the selection I was on, was inverted. @stokerg comprehends what I am expressing, and understands the benefit. Get to it serif! I created a thread here: In other news, The Verbe released a YouTube video showing the new adobe photoshop for iPad. (Potentially, to be fully revealed at the rumored iPad event being hosted later this month) we shall see. I saw saw some stuff there that reminded me of AP. Serif, get your guns out, we about to go to war with these dudes!

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