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  1. A more sophisticated function for book layout would be essential. Until then, moving pages within the thumbnails in the pages panel will have to suffice. I've laid out a 200+ page book with sections for each chapter. While I certainly found it clunky to have to go back and modify section page numbers to accommodate any manual page movement, I was able to do it. The satisfaction of being able to perform at least that operation was yet another bye-bye wink to InDesign. Petar Petrenko's comments above, as well as many other comments regarding page movement, InDesign import, and other suggestions, are spot on and the developers at Affinity need to continue burning the midnight oil. Perusing these forums show the myriad problems still inherent in Publisher. Obviously, many are user created issues and learning curve situations; however, much work still needs to be done.
  2. Apologize for the confusing post below, but this has been a confusing introduction to Publisher. Soooo happy to be using Publisher and not having to boot to an external drive running Mavericks just to get to Adobe InDesign 5.5. However, for reasons still not uncovered, Publisher has had serious and consistent crash problems since the beginning. I now see that Affinity Publisher is available on the App Store. When I purchased Publisher on original release day, it was only available through the Affinity website as a download. Going through other areas of this support forum (beta, bugs, etc.), one can find my numerous posts regarding consistent crashes. Currently, I have achieved a workaround to the crashes (generally regarded as a unique, user-oriented issue rather than the software itself). This workaround has me setting up a separate user account and using a beta build ( The beta builds were suggested prior to the suggestion of setting up a separate user account. If you are confused reading this, believe me, I have been confused on my end ten-fold. No matter, at this point I am working towards updating my OS to Catalina and considering what to do about the user accounts, beta builds and basically consolidating everything back to a normal setup. In this regard, I am also wondering if I should (or could) be using the App Store version, although since I originally downloaded from the Affinity website, the App Store is listing Publisher as a purchase. How would it work to download from the App Store? I do have my Product Key and all the particulars, but don't want to be charged additional money. Just want to set Publisher up normally as I have with Affinity Photo (downloaded from the App Store) and hopefully delete this separate user account that has been preventing the crashes from happening.
  3. Walt says the build is .481, but you're right thomaso, there must be a difference, at least in reporting, between windows and mac.
  4. Walt, appreciate the clarification. Build .481 tells us the developers are certainly burning the midnight oil.
  5. Perhaps I've been too close to finding solutions. Did not realize, but see that Publisher is now on the app store. I have 1.7.3 official release version (from website) and beta build. It's the beta build I've been working with (well, trying to get it to work), but just now updated my 1.7.2 original official release. It also crashes. Is the app store version any different than the official San Serif web release or the beta builds?
  6. Trying to limit screen time. Vision improved, eye muscles an issue. Thought about Siri, decided not. Anyway, busy weekend with EtreCheck and taking care of minor issues it pointed out. Bottom line is this, Still crashing. Attaching EtreCheck Report, Crash Report and Publisher file. Thought I had a solution and was elated when I removed all Adobe garbage left over. Upon restart, I was able to open Publisher, create a new document and a new paragraph style. No Crash at this point. Closed file, reopened and tried to create a new paragraph style...Boom! Crash! Attached files are for developers to let you know I'm doing my part to investigate on this end. Worthy to mention that Pauls suggestion to creating a new user profile did meet with success. There were no crashes. Have to admit, didn't like the consequences of having to set up my user account all over, so haven't tried that suggestion lately. Amazing in and of itself I was able to save a document. New style (Folio) was created on master pages. Attempt to create a second paragraph style took me back to the drawing board. Sorry for multiple posts and repeated queries...just trying to solve a mystery. Thanks to all. iMac 2019-09-30.etrecheck Affinity Publisher Beta_2019-09-30-175545_iMacUp.crash Bios and Farewells.afpub
  7. Thomaso, thanks for clearing up the German thread. I gave it the ole college try. Thanks also for your assessment of Dr. Cleaner. It's been good, but I have been increasingly wary of it, especially since it's removal from the app store. Will look into AppCleaner as you suggested. When I went to Mojave, I did a clean install, everything has been looking good. Your other recommendation, using EtreCheck, is wonderful. It has helped to identify some culprits, but also confirms that I'm in pretty decent shape. Right now, I am quite clean so that is why Dr. Cleaner Pro is beginning to raise my eyebrows. Wearing my wife's store bought cheaters to read the screen, so taking it slow. I'm hopeful we're getting close.
  8. Can't follow the language in last posts, mac and thomaso. Etrecheck I'm running is 5.3.3 from App Store. Purchased advertised 'user package.' Many thanks, wonderful program to analyze the mac. As mentioned, not following last posts...never graduated past English!! On a side note, additional to not reading the posts, healing from cataract surgery and reading the screen is equally troublesome! Working through that. After running Etrecheck and looking at the report, found a few stragglers of old programs, plus some 32-bit apps that will have to go sooner or later. Cleaned things up. As I'm narrowing down, Dr. Cleaner Pro, 3rd party app, may be suspect. Have either one of you installed that app?
  9. Created new admin user account and putting the latest beta build through some motions. Feels strange not having a crash. I would agree with you about the software influence. If not an actual installed app, perhaps a remnant in a plist. For now, holding off on switching user accounts. Copying library folders will copy the original crash problem. When the developers get the bug report, it might spark something.
  10. Well, I'll be. Pauls, you have something. Created a new user account on the mac. Yikes, had to validate the Publisher Beta, but found my activation key and she opened fine. I should also mention I am using the beta build. Purposely, went through the same routine of creating a new document preset, then, on master pages, created a new paragraph style - with all the same parameters as before. NO CRASH! Can you explain why my user account appears to be out of whack enough to crash Publisher? Absolutely no other problems, with Affinity Photo or any other app. How would you recommend I proceed. Pauls, this is a most incredible development. You need to speak with the developers!
  11. Okay, got it. Will try that and see. Last attempt was with the 172.258 beta build. Downloaded and installed the 173 beta build and will try the new profile as you suggested. Can't think of any other third-party apps which might interfere. Reducing third-party apps and removing 32-bit apps.
  12. Pauls, couple of things, may be minor, may have some bearing. 1. Had Malwarebytes installed; however, uninstalled prior to first installation of Publisher. Last week, although Malwarebytes uninstalled, found a remnant folder in a user library and discarded that. Program itself was uninstalled. 2. My interpretation of what you mean when you say user profile is clearing all settings at startup by using Control Open and selecting all. After each failure, I have done this in order to wipe the slate clean, so to speak. 3. Lastly, there may be some success. Created a new document, setting up a new preset called Half Letter, which is, half letter size. After that, created a new paragraph style and after saying Okay, Publisher did not crash. The one big difference I did in creating this new style was in NOT having that new style show up in both Para and Text Style Panels. Left it in Paragraph Panel only. 4. Going back just now to confirm what I stated in #3 above, while in the newly created Folio para style, Publisher did crash. As such, am attaching both the file (only title and page number inserted on master pages) and the crash report. No idea if any progress has been made, but your note about the user profile got my interest up. Affinity Publisher Beta_2019-09-18-154426_iMacUp.crash Bios and Farewells-test.afpub
  13. A new user profile for the iMac? The Affinity apps? Not sure I'm following you.
  14. Thanks Jens, yes, cleared all. With each new beta, do a complete reset, plus, create a new document.
  15. Wish I could help Mac, but I'm still crashing. Fonts have been cleaned up and streamlined, at least Font Book is happy. Removed all extra fonts and went back to system fonts, plus two additional OpenType fonts. The fonts are a combination of TrueType, OpenType, OpenType Postscript. Other than that, stymied as to what else, even minor, could be causing the crashes. I'm following the beta notifications and have the latest beta build installed ( Same crash results. All I can tell you is they have logged my issue with the developers and from reading the forums, they are quite gainfully employed with the many other fixes. Hoping something will reveal itself soon. I'm left-handed and have an open mind.
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