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  1. Please delete this post. It is no longer necessary. This has been an exercise in operator error, big time. Have just updated Photo from the App Store to the appropriate 1.8.6. Whatever I did before didn't work. Just after posting the above concern, I went back and tried one more time...this time it worked. My apologies to staff, who work so hard to help educate others and help with meaningful issues. Also, apologize to the entire Affinity Forum. May you learn from my mistakes and exercise patience before embarrassing yourself with a premature post. Sincerely, Wolf
  2. Hello Affinity, When I first extricated myself from Adobe Photoshop, I purchased Affinity Photo from the App Store on my iMac. Photo has been working well and updating appropriately. Both Publisher and Designer were purchased directly from Affinity. Not long ago, Publisher and Designer asked if I wanted to update upon opening and both now reside at v1.8.6. I realize that my purchase from the App Store for Photo requires getting my updates from them. However, Photo will only update to 1.8.4. I've even tried downloading the app again, but only installs 1.8.4. Call me anal, but
  3. A more sophisticated function for book layout would be essential. Until then, moving pages within the thumbnails in the pages panel will have to suffice. I've laid out a 200+ page book with sections for each chapter. While I certainly found it clunky to have to go back and modify section page numbers to accommodate any manual page movement, I was able to do it. The satisfaction of being able to perform at least that operation was yet another bye-bye wink to InDesign. Petar Petrenko's comments above, as well as many other comments regarding page movement, InDesign import, and other suggestio
  4. Apologize for the confusing post below, but this has been a confusing introduction to Publisher. Soooo happy to be using Publisher and not having to boot to an external drive running Mavericks just to get to Adobe InDesign 5.5. However, for reasons still not uncovered, Publisher has had serious and consistent crash problems since the beginning. I now see that Affinity Publisher is available on the App Store. When I purchased Publisher on original release day, it was only available through the Affinity website as a download. Going through other areas of this support forum (beta, bugs, etc.
  5. Thanks for the help and words of encouragement. I'll keep exploring system, font, display or other conflicts on my end. No, have not read of the behavior I'm having with others...quite atypical. Hopefully, something will reveal itself, either on my side or the developers.
  6. Thanks for the advice on fonts. Cleared the cache and checked for dupes and conflicts. Since I have both the and .420 beta, not sure where to post, but, this video recording was using the beta, which is the version I should likely stick to for now. Video is interesting in that no actions were taken, no selections changed. Just viewed the Base font attributes. Screen Recording 2019-07-11 at 12.07.14 AM.mov
  7. Cleared the font cache successfully. Repaired permissions and restarted. Created new document and Publisher did the same crash. Affinity Publisher_2019-07-10-123632_iMacUp.crash
  8. Okay, not sure if this reveals much, but below is a quick video. If there is another operation that might help better, let me know and I'll see what I can recreate. Screen_Recording_2019-07-10_at_10_02.36_AM.mov
  9. No odd setups, 3rd party graphics. Only additional utility running is Dr. Cleaner Pro with no negative effects. Will try to post a video here later in the day.
  10. Quick note on the crashing mentioned in this thread. Tried something different. Same result, but it may have bearing. Instead of using the panels at the right to access Paragraph Styles, instead, selected the frame text tool and accessed the context menu bar. From there, selected paragraph style and selected new. It let me create the para style when I clicked OK. Three seconds later, whoosh, Publisher went bye bye. At least for me, the problem isn't accessing and using the main panels, like the Para/Text Styles Panels at the right. It's within the Create New/Edit Paragraph Style and when I'
  11. Oops. No go. Used the beta build for the following and created a new document. First things first, created a new document preset called Half Letter (140mm x 216mm) successfully. Attaching the crash report. Turned off Show Samples prior to creating anything. Went to Master Pages. Created a new Paragraph Style (selected new para style icon at bottom of Text Style Panel). Created a style called Folio, modified font, font size, selected for style to appear in both panels. Clicked okay and Publisher still up and running! Started to place a text box on the master page and whoosh! it crashed. W
  12. Will do! I'll post back hopefully with good news. If not, will try to be detailed as best I can. Thanks Pauls.
  13. Not sure the beta build will work for you. I, too, have had problems with the Text Styles/Para Styles Panels. At times creating a style, other times, as you mention, hitting the tab or undocking the panel. Many fixes have been tackled in this beta build and kudos to the support assistance, developer notes, etc.; Affinity Serif is definitely in it for the long haul, providing a quality family of software as well as the responsive support that goes with it. Try the beta build for yourself; however, if even looking at the Text Style Panels is causing crashes, we'll all need to be
  14. Okay, as haakoo and Old Bruce have so patiently and intelligently noted to do, I am inserting my latest crash report. Yes, I do have more than one of them. This most recent is following a fresh install of the program, plus complete program reset. As haakoo notes, the bug may well be undocking maneuvers. Could well be any number of things related to the Style panels. Documents I've worked on are blank for all intent and purpose, latest crash occurred before I could even save the document. Apologize, but was not involved in the beta cycle, so all behavior is new to me. Running latest ve
  15. haakoo, thanks so much. the other fella having Text Style crashing actually mentioned the full reset...I forgot to do that until you mentioned it. Appreciate your comment. Immediately, I went back and did a full reset. Uh oh, didn't work. Opened Paragraph Style, undocked the panel, and began to create a new paragraph style. Then, I realized I wanted to make an actual Text Style Group to organize the multiple styles for this document. Never got there. Went to close Paragraph Styles and, you guessed it, Publisher crashes. Never got to save the new document I created. Still stumped. Is it undo
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