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  1. Thank you very much. Im impressed. I didn´t expect you guys can help me with this. Thats great, it saved a lot work for me.
  2. Thank you very much. It works. Awsome. Do you have any idea wich elements are problematic? Would it for example be better to unpin the pinned objects at the master page? Or could it be the connected symbols in Designer (are there problems connected to the symbols function known?)? Should i disconnect the symbols to be safe? In some cases (e.g. the task numbers) i copied the text frame together with the text (shame on me). Do you think that could be a reason to? Would it be better to delete this elements and create new one?
  3. Hi, i created a new document in the beta version and tried to copy all elements of the corrupted document. Therefore i opened the old docment in the retail version und the new document in the beta version. Sometimes, while copying, crashed the old document, sometimes the new one. But afterwards I could work fine with it. But now it seems the document is corruptet again, because it always crashes while saving in the beta version. Its really annoying. Is it possible to find out which element exactly causes the crash? Because i work with connected symbols, with assets and a lot of pinned objects at the master page. Just when im going to rebuild the document it would be great to know which elements i shouldn´t copy from the corrupted document. Here is the crashlog and the document. 19e6f143-1837-4ed2-8ae1-6a7c8b3f03b9.dmp d444f3c7-53e9-4226-a123-e06db6f12e1a.dmp 64bc3027-0b39-41c4-8b87-cf824b2c5039.dmp neuer Versuch.afpub
  4. Thank you for the quick answer. I feared that this is a problem with the document. I will start rebuilding it in the beta version. Is it possible to just copy the elements into a new document or will it lead to the same problem?
  5. I created a document with many pinned objects, symbols und Assets on the master page. After some crashes in the retail version i downloaded the latest beta version of publisher (422). But the document keeps crashing while saving. Every time i want to save the document, publisher crashes, as well the retail version as the beta version. This only happens with this document (see attached file). Is there any possibility to use this document without rebuilding it? Here are the crash reports and the file first time in retail version.dmp last time in retail version.dmp last crash report in beta version.dmp erste_Versuche.afpub
  6. Mr. Dyck

    Reapplying Master to pages

    I have the very same question. I tried to reapply a master page because I applied a new text style to an existing text frame at the master page. But it didn't apply the changes of the master page to the document page. But after reapplying it overwrotethe text frames on the document page.