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  1. The last days I was cleaning up my Mac, throwing all Adobe things over board and others, too. EtreCheck finally finds Excellent now for my mac status. But: it didn´t change anything concerning the TextStyles crash... it still crashes after going to TextStyles and just canceling the window without doing anything more... I put in here my last crash report. Maybe it can help you guys... :-) Publisher TextStyles-Crash-20191007.txt
  2. Hallo Thomaso, danke für deine Antwort. Das ist ja seltsam. Ich habe es zunächst über deinen Link: https://www.techspot.com/downloads/7028-etrecheck.html heruntergeladen (startete Französisch) und danach die Version aus dem Appstore ausprobiert, auch wieder Start in Französisch. Ich habe sie aber jeweils aus Deutschland heruntergeladen und bei mir im System ist auch Deutschland als primäre Sprache und Region eingestellt.... das habe ich schon des Öfteren beobachtet, dass ich mal etwas auf Französisch angezeigt bekam (habe sehr viel Französisch eine Zeit lang kommuniziert)... spooky... Technik... :-O
  3. Hi Pauls, same as Wolf Wallis, I created a new user on my iMac and tried Publisher there. No problems anymore with the Textstyles... That is a good news, but not very comfortable to work on a "naked" account... Best regards, Mac :-)
  4. Hello Thomaso, can you give me a hint, how to change the language in the EtreCheck program from French into English? I cannot find the button. Kannst du mir einen Tipp geben, wie man das Programm auf Englisch umstellt? Ich spreche zwar auch Französisch, aber Englisch ist dann doch sicherer bei so Dingen wie System Änderungen... :-) Viele Grüße aus Bochum.
  5. Same with menu on the right side for creating or changing an existing Text Styles - even if you don´t click OK, but abort it crashes...: The crash report (I don´t know if it is maybe different): Crash-94996-b.txt
  6. Even when I just create a new document and go to the main menu above: Text/Textstyle/create textstyle --> the small window opens with standard name "Style" --> even just clicking on OK lets crash Publisher. The crash report for that scenario: Crash-94996-a.txt
  7. Thank you very much Jon for your message, yes it is really crazy with that bug. I had it already during the Beta and it still remains until today with the latest update. Ok, for me, I let all my fonts installed until now, but I have no other problems or even crashes with my macOS. Only in Publisher it crashes immediately with the Text styles.
  8. Text Style changing Problem (macOS Mojave 10.14.6, Affinity Publisher 1.7.1) Hi Wolf, hi guys, I have exactly the same very bad problem concerning text styles in Publisher: Each time when I want to create a new text style or changing and saving an existing text style itself, Affinity Publisher crashes completely. I had this problem already during the Beta phase and thought the final version would solve the problem, but unfortunately not. I deinstalled and reinstalled Publisher several times, but the error remains. I have NO problems with other programs at all, only Affinity Publisher crushes when working on the text styles... But as Wolf, I also have installed several third party fonts... but I never had problems with that fact before in macOS. I have no more idea what to change or what to do. Does anybody can help me or has an idea? Best regards, Mac
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