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    Avid reader, digital scrapbooker, artist hobbyist, and love to design and make things.
  1. Think I figured it out for the Mac to get a larger display for the 4k screen on a Mac. Font was way too small for me. so I went to System Preference on the dock, chose display, scaled and chose larger text the first and second choice gives you the best for working in the program. I have not had this issue in windows, but only for my new 4k Mac, but these steps fixed it. Working with Mac OS Catalina 10.15.6
  2. Plus, if you want the files to practice with this 25 minutes video, his link to his website only charged $1.75 he is also a wonderful instructor to learn from.
  3. Try Olivio Sarikas Youtube Video, he does this similar technique using a lion. He cuts the lion out, once lion is by himself, he opens up either stock photography or scanned in watercolors and puts it on the lion, then change the blend mode, you could add in the smudge tool to make the paints go in different directions, another tip I would look for photos or scan in acrylic paints since its thicker place the image over the cat photo and change the blend mode. The video is called Affinity Photo watercolor effect, I am guessing this is popular at the moment. Its for the last picture you posted.
  4. There is a very helpful person/graphic designer on Youtube she also teaches on SkillShare by the name of East Coast Charm her Channel has a specific technique called Low Poly Design in Affinity Designer, she will show you in real time how to make shapes, and filled them in on a Penguin. It is free on Youtube, I have learned a lot from this Instructor and Isabel Arcama channel too, but you will see it in action so you won't be confused and if you asked them they will make a video for things you are confused about. I requested 6 videos and all were made to card making, patterns, symbols, assests, and exporting. Go see it today.
  5. Thank you! I was wondering why my selection brush in Affinity Photo and Designer would not work, and just selected add and now they both work! Thanks again
  6. Yes, I second this request, and a logical way to scale objects within the patterns without using the bitmap feature. Or a pattern tool would be great, I use the symbol tool, but it does not work great for seamless patterns. This is a must for a Surface Pattern Desgns. Thanks and glad to see that someone else does seamless patterns and need better options.
  7. Hello I use Affinity Designer and Photo everyday. I know a lot of people use this for various of reason, however I do a lot of pattern design in Affinity a design but would like to request a specific tool such as a resizing or scaling tool for your elements, or even like Illustrator . I am aware of the symbol tool but it’s not effective in resizing to creating you digital scrapbooking pattern paper and I have used the bitmap tool which is also ineffective. What most designers are looking for is a tool that works like the tool in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. It is called the offset tool or pattern which lets you offset and scale your final pattern . It works like this, you make you elements or clean up your scanned elements, place them and resize the elements to create your pattern, next you save or define your pattern, create a new document 12 by 12 , choose you previous created pattern-then resize by selecting exact size , moving the sliders to a percent, helping you to create a perfect seamless pattern. illustator has a patttern tool and a way to scale and resize your final patterns too, I tried the offset Affine tool in Affinity Photo but it does not give you seamless patterns. Udemy has an excellent course on pattern making in Designer but fragments are left using various methods including the symbols sometimes. I just would like to resize and scale the size of my pattern after I make a pattern ,for example 1000 pix by 1000 px, then make a new document size 3600 by 3600 but am unable to resize the size of the elements inside the pattern of the whole pattern itself, bitmap does not do the job either. I see the roadmap for vectorizing hand drawn objects are still there but I think going forward since pattern making is a career for designers this could be added or just tweaked, a tool to resizethe entire project, after making your final pattern, which usually make a beautiful seamless, tiled, and cohesive pattern. Skillshare offers an Affinity Designer pattern course but half drop repeats are a nightmare , the graphic designer said that this area could really be improved, because so many have to convert back to using Illustrator to get the effect.
  8. Another way since I love to work in traditional medium is to add a black layer mask, and use a brush tool and set the color to white, zoom in and paint what you want to keep, next select file, export and change the size if you want too, then export png, this will ensure you will export any work with a transparent background. I use it all the time to keep work by making elements, patterns and cards and uploading to society 6.
  9. I agree the pencil tool needs more refinement for free hand drawing and more smoothing and editing would be great, since I too use this for freehand sketching of patterns.
  10. Ok, I changed it to Lisa45, would that be ok, and thank you because I definitely don't want any spammers lol :)
  11. I know this post was in 2016, but I have digitally scrapbooked inside of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements for years, and I am excited to let all digital scrapbookers know that Yes you can certainly use Affinity Designer to digital scrapbook perfectly. You can open all your files to build your pages by using file place, add elements and pictures the same way, and use the beautiful text included in AD when done export to jpg and done or PSD, in addition something Elements does not do at all is spell check, yes AD spell checks as you type, and you can apply the shawdow effects to make elements look real , works fast are inside the fx effects like elements but works faster, and better like Photoshop, last when adding the quick pages kit, you have to click file open to open the quick pages you won't see the png cutout so file place the elements, then select each layer and perform a clipping mask to place your pictures and papers in each layer, also changing the colors of your elements to work with pages can be done in second by selecting the elements, go the the color palette and choose the color and ta-dah its done, paper you have a hue saturation in the adjustment layers to change the colors, works excellent, and if you need to clean up your photos or make teeth white or eyes, click on the pixel persona, no need to leave the software to do it at all since pixel is built into the program except the healing tool for spot correction but it does have composting and mask options just without the refine button inside the Pixel persona, but all my pictures are done mostly in Lightroom since I just like to scrap and not correct photos. I have not done the scrapping in Affinity Photo, but since it works like Photoshop and has more photo editing tools and compositing, I am sure these techniques can be applied. Thank you Affinity for making my life easier, and for making this excellent software. Happy Scrapping Lisa 2017
  12. Figured it out, you have to type Affin.co/ type only the first word of the resource chapter name, and copy all the files for that chapter to your computer.
  13. Hello I cannot download the files for Affinity Workbook, site cannot be found on the website

    1. Callum


      Hi Hawkins, which link is it that you are using?

  14. I also cannot access the files to work on either, website is not working, is there another link?
  15. Hello, I am having the same issue with the workbook links, I cannot download the files to follow along, is there another link, it say page not found?
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