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  1. Just updated to on iPad Pro 10.5. i can no longer load tiff file. It was working all along, but it loaded a tiff file as raw file. The tiff file was created from my Fuji X-E3 compressed, which AP does not support. But it was loading the tiff file before the update. On a tiff file that was developed as a tiff, and is still in AP, it cannot be loaded any more, showing “error loading...” How can I go back to the previous revision?
  2. I import using apple's sd card reader into Apple's Photo stream. In AP I use "import from photos", and it shows all my files with "raw" clearly designated.
  3. Still cannot open Fujifilm compressed file. Why is it AP do not develop its own raw routine (like other software such as LR, darktable, rawtherapee), but instead depend on IOS 12?
  4. I have done it on every photos that I have edited. But the AP storage as shown in settings is over 60 GB.
  5. My workflow includes downloading a photo from desktop hdd to AP, edit the photo, export edited photo back to desktop, deleted the edited photo on AP. I have processed a few hundred photos this way. Now, my iPad storage (from settings, storage) shows that AP has 60 GB of documents and data usage (I have not saved any photos on AP). In a past situation like this, I deleted AP completely, and reinstall it again, to get rid of the high storage usage. is there a more appropriate way to reduce the storage usage?
  6. I like this update. Now I have all the correct exif data. Still waiting for the compressed raw on Fujifilm X-E3.
  7. I got the update last night, but I am on IOS 12. Nice update. Finally I got all the correct exif data. Still waiting for the compressed raw on Fujifilm X-E3.
  8. I use FileExplorer:File Manager from the app store. It is similar to Readle. They are both free, but I find FileExplorer(FE) most appropriate for connecting to desktop. Here is how I do edit on my AF and send results to desktop: 1. Setup a shared folder on desktop (I use linux, but should work on win 10 or mac) 2. Open FE touch the + sign on the menu and choose the connection you want (in my cae Linux). A list of connections in your network is presented on the bottom, choose whatever is correct, linux, windows 10, or mac, etc. 3. Sign into your chosen desktop. You will see the shared folder you have created. You can find the photo files (but you must share it) and choose a single photo. It will download to ipad. Touch the right top export icon, and choose Open IN, and choose AP. 4. Do editing on AP. Touch file, and export. I choose to export jpeg file. Then touch share. Find the FE icon and touch it. It will present a Save to screen. Choose the icon where your desktop is in. Find your desktop shared file, and save it. You can choose other shared folders to save it to as well. This is my workflow, and it works nicely, albeit a bit complicated, but it is bearable.
  9. We need a painless way of exporting edited photos in a project, and then delete the whole project file. The way it is, we need to export edited photos one at a time, and delete it one at a time. Developers, please make it as painless as possible. Here is a link to the discussion..
  10. I have the same issue. I use an iPad Pro. I have to export to a local file in iPad, one by one as I finish the edit. When I get home, I can upload the whole directory with the edited files to my desktop. Deleting the project files are a pain, as you said. I ended up deleting Affinity and reinstalling it. I’ll use the link to ask for improvement as well. Please look for the link and include you request.
  11. Hi MEB I opened AP, and click + and then click “import from camera”. AP exits to my iPad Pro, cannot connect to the iPad camera. ok no problem, I have to turn the camera on in settings for AP.
  12. Hi MEB I finally updated to But it still cannot open compressed raw file from “import from photos”. Have I done something wrong or this feature is still not available?
  13. I have iPad Pro and have similar problem. I updated to iOS 11.3 beta 3, and it took me back to 1.6.5. The update shows 1.6.7, and I cannot update. Affinity probably took the server offline. Will try again later tonite. great news for this update that I can open raw file.
  14. +1 most raw converters do not retain the OOC color, some maybe close, but some are way off. And as you say, distortions are not corrected unless the software happens to have lensfun type of database for the lens and camera you are using. I don’t think AP has it.
  15. My camera is Fujifilm X-E3. I took jpeg+compressed raw. I have a Separate thread on this topic but no moderator gets involved.
  16. I am unable to open either jpeg nor raw (compressed). It seems AP cannot open jpeg at all in IOS11 (I am using ios 11.2 beta).
  17. My iOS 11.1 does import the X-E3 files (jpeg+compressed raw). I can view the jpeg files in the camera roll using the photo app. Snapseed can access the jpeg files directly from camera roll and edit them. AP cannot open the jpeg files stored in camera roll directly. It can do it indirectly if I export the files to iCloud Drive. I have over 1000 files, it is not practical to export them to iCloud. I understand compressed raw is not support currently, but there should be a way to open the jpeg files from camera roll.
  18. Not in my case , AP has been given read & write. I am using Fujifilm X-E3 with jpeg+compressed raw. Snapseed can open the jpeg from camera roll, but AP cannot. AP show all camera roll files as raw.
  19. I was able to do what you suggested with my previous camera which does not have compressed raw file. Most new cameras now (24MP kind) has compressed raw file to reduce the file size. When I transfer them to my iPad using the Apple sd card reader, jpeg and compressed raw are stored in the camera roll. But I cannot get AP to open the jpeg file (AP cannot work with compressed file). To get around it, I had to export the file to iCloud and AP then can open the jpeg, but with over 1000 photos, it is not practical. So, I am using Snapseed which can open jpeg from the camera roll directly. AP is nice when it works.
  20. I have a brand new camera, Fujifilm X-E3, and I took over a thousand photos, jpeg+compressed raw. I upload the files from the Apple’s sd card reader to the camera roll in photo app. When I opened the files with AF, it cannot open the compressed raw file. But, how do I open the jpeg file directly from photo app without having to transfer over 1000 files over to iCloud?
  21. Metadata in metadata studio is still wrong. The file size before import 3264x4795 px (in the front page when AP is started.) But in metadata it is still shown as 1920x1280 px. Also, ISO is still missing. It seems like nothing has changed. Same same if I import a raw file. ISO is visible on top left of screen where it show raw and some metadata, but missing in studio. Okay, did more testing, if I develop a new raw file, iso is in metadata. But file size is still showing 1920x1280.
  22. ric67, as I mentioned, it took 15GB of my 256GB. Yes, it is a problem, and hope they will correct it. Maybe the 15 GB relates to all the samples and tutorials.
  23. From other posts, it is my understanding that the metadata studio is incorrect (e.g. it shows raw file size as 1900x1280 and no iso). This problem is being looked at (from other posts I read), but it is too bad the moderators do not respond and update us on the situation.
  24. I have 256 GB on my ipad pro, and imported over 300 photos to camera roll. Processed about 200 raw photos using AP. After pp, I deleted all the raw imports, and just kept 200 processed jpeg photo. My ipad storage shows that App Size is 975.6 MB and Documents & Data shows 15.51 GB, which is the main problem here. This will increase as you process photos and I think I saw it grew to 40 GB (not 100% sure since I did not pay attention to it) while I was processing, but I think 128 GB will do, as long as you do not store everything.
  25. Yes, I use AP to process my Fuji X-E1 raw files. I import to camera roll using sd card reader, and open the file in AP which shows "raw" on top left of the screen. There maybe a problem with compressed raw files. Search this thread to find out more.
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