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  1. Jarrod

    iOS workflow

    Thanks Lee i would like to export an entire project instead of one item at a time. Imthese two features alone would allow me to say bye bye to adobe. Just picked up designer last night for some vector stuff. Guess publisher is next. You guys make a great product.
  2. I am struggling with workflow. I come from a point where I do 90% of my work in Lightroom. I like affinity output more. My issue is workflow for a wedding. With 600 pics or so I am not liking not being able to be ch export nor Not being able to delete a project. Please chime in with advice.
  3. Thanks for this post. It is the only issue I have with affinity photo. Using it to edit an event or wedding was beyond tedious. At this point I would take just being able to delete the project. Please put this on someone’s radar. I bought the OS X and iOS apps. They work well enough together...I truly would love to do it all on the iPad. Thanks Jarrod
  4. I am an ex-lightroom user. I use affinity photo on my iMac. The issue i am having is trying to edit hundreds of wedding photos on location. It is time consuming to export one at a time. The importing into a project is simple enough, but a full exporting of all the project would be a God-send. S Secondly is there a way to delete a project as an entity instead of deleting each file internally then deleting the project. I have searched but most responses are from 2017. This is the only thing holding me back from buying a new iPad Pro and only using my desktop for larger projects!