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  1. I haven't done print work in a bit, but now that I'm working in it again I could absolutely use 1-bit TIFF in my workflow, and the absence of this is missed. If this is seen by the devs as low-priority, I would argue additional export formats/options are pretty key to image editing software, even more important than "cool" features.
  2. I know this is a bit of a necro post, but having AI 8 export capabilities (even in EPS files) is pretty important to 3D workflows. Many of the major 3D programs will not recognize AI/EPS above version 8 anyway, so I'm used to having to save down. None of this workflow cares about effects, strokes, colors, etc. It's just about bringing the vector paths into 3D software. I've tried every option in Designer's dialogues for EPS and PDF and nothing goes lower than AI 9.
  3. True. Ok interesting, Paste Special as PDF does work. Not what I would immediately have expected, but that's fine.
  4. Thanks, I did not see that note. I do think copy/paste is an extremely basic feature that should not be so dependent on versions. There's a fairly complex table of contents feature, but copy/paste doesn't work. Meh, I know it will get there.
  5. "The current contents of the clipboard cannot be Pasted." Unable to paste vector objects created in Publisher to Photo or Designer. Returns error message above. Interestingly, I can actually paste those same vector objects right into the forum message here. I can also create a vector object in Designer and Paste into Publisher.
  6. bighache

    Zoom Tool Not Zooming Into Marque

    I can confirm this bug as well.
  7. I've been using Adobe products for over 20 years and I concur with this assessment. Now I do think it's absolutely fair to say Affinity never advertised replacements for PS and AI. At the same time I would ask: if I have PS and AI why would I need to buy Designer and Photo? Well I wouldn't. That's why I think it is fair to say if you're looking at Designer or Photo it's to replace Adobe products or buy in lieu of. I use Designer and Photo at home for personal, non-commercial work. Because I'm in a vacuum these meet 80-90% of my needs. That 10-20% just becomes stuff I live without or find a workaround for. Because of file compatibility I wouldn't be able to use these professionally, necessarily. I guess that depends on what the overall goal is and brings us back to... road map. Am I satisfied with Affinity's products? 80-90%.
  8. For your consideration; This is a low priority request. I do 3D modeling and will use a vector program to create or use existing shapes and import into a 3D modeling program. Unfortunately this requires saving the EPS file version down (as a comparison no later than Illustrator v8, specifically). As Designer does not currently offer earlier versions in EPS Export this is not possible. Would be nice to have and could even serve for compatibility in other areas.
  9. Greetings, I've just purchased Designer and have been using it for a few days. Really liking it so far. As it develops I think there is some finesse that it could use. I have used Adobe Illustrator for 20 years for print design, Web design, and motion graphics. My workflows enable me to work very fast and efficiently to create the vector art I need. Having just purchased Designer I've only started to dig into it, but naturally I'm going to look for ways to replicate, as best as possible, workflows I'm used to doing in Illustrator, because they're fast. Now I'm not looking for Designer to be Illustrator, but unless something is completely reinvented there will be overlap in programs that share functionality/purpose. I understand there is a current roadmap and I may possibly list something that exists or is in the works. Please consider these essentials that should be implemented in the grand scheme eventually. I was going to just type this in the post but I figured I'd use my new tool and start getting used to it. :) Designer suggestions.pdf