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  1. AffinityUser50

    Heart Shape Vector Brush

    Here is a heart shape vector brush I just made. Vector Brush.afbrushes
  2. AffinityUser50

    Grass Brush

    no worries. I just made a Vector Heart Shape Brush you might like to have. Vector Brush.afbrushes
  3. AffinityUser50

    Gary's Style Selection

    These is the same styles. All you have to do is to open up your A/D program and click onto the style tab. Do Not make a new folder. As there is no need too. And open up my file by just importing them from the styles tab and you will go to where you saved my styles file and it will open up all the styles in the styles tab. Then you can rename the styles. Hope this sorts out the previous problems. Gary's Style Selection 1.afstyles
  4. AffinityUser50

    styles in a zip folder

    all my styles i created is now in a zip folder. so all you have to do is download the zip folder and open each file up in affinity designer. This should make things easy for you all. Gary's Style Selections Colours.zip
  5. AffinityUser50

    Styles Shine

    Yes I should of put them into one document. I totally forgoteen to do it. Hope you like them.
  6. AffinityUser50

    Styles Shine

    Here is 12 diffrent styles colours, I have just made. With a hint of a shiny edge effect to them. Enjoy. Style Black Shine.afdesign Style Blue Shine.afdesign Style Gold Shine.afdesign Style Green Shine.afdesign Style Grey Shine.afdesign Style Jade Shine.afdesign Style Olive Shine.afdesign Style Orange Shine.afdesign Style Pink Shine.afdesign Style Purple Shine.afdesign Style Red Shine.afdesign Style Yellow Shine.afdesign
  7. AffinityUser50

    Hand Painted Textures

    Lovinng the grass effect
  8. AffinityUser50

    Grass Brush

    Hi everyone I wish to share my new Grass Brush it is a png pixel brush Only.
  9. AffinityUser50

    Affinity Photo Painter's brushes

    Thank you so so much for sharing them. I love them.
  10. AffinityUser50

    My personal work so far

    Here is my work progress so far. Shape man. Spiderman logo design.
  11. AffinityUser50

    Free Textures

    Hi I'm still struggling to make textures do you have a step by step instructions how to to them please.
  12. AffinityUser50

    Introduce Yourself

    How do I get the new free add ons I have recently updated my affinity photo software.