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  1. Erm, just no. The Live Filter Gaussian Blur does not work here. When I select the mask layer and press the Hour Glass icon and select Gaussian Blur, an FX layer is created *on top* of the parent image layer, and when I offer this layer to the mask layer, the effect is simply not applied. Secondly, why on earth do effects from the Effects panel not work on masks? They *should* in my opinion (and I guess, I am not alone here), particularly color overlay as I already stated in a different thread here, because color overlay (please compare with how smart this is implemented in Photoshop!) would allow you to exactly see (as a testing tool so to say) where the underlying layer is showing through if using Blend If (the cog wheel icon in Affinity Photo).
  2. Layer effects are executed quite well in Affinity Photo. However, they do not work well with adjustment layers. For instance, it would be nice, if the color overlay was actually working here. Why should it, you may ask, as it then only would display a solid color? Answer: This is true, however, if you use this in Photoshop in connection with Blend If (the cog wheel icon here in Affinity Photo), you can then exactly see which parts of the underlying layer are coming through, which is not quite obvious without the color overlay. (Of course you would switch the overlay off after having edited the Blend If, but it is really useful during the editing process.) To be honest, it's exactly "small things" like these which make Affinity Photo unnecessarily tedious to work with for me. AGAIN: This is not about whether or not there are "workarounds" existing, it's about streamlining and optimizing and most of all: speeding up workflows.
  3. - Like in Photoshop it would be great if you could apply live blur to masks (I mean as a live filter but so you can *see* the result if you Alt-Click the mask!) (In Photoshop this is in the Tab Selection Properties.) - It should be possible to add live filters (like Gaussian Blur etc.) to an adjustment layer: They should affect the mask of these layers. - A mask (being a kind of pixel layer) should be editable in exactly the same way as any greyscale image (including using adjustment layers) PLEASE NOTE one more thing: I am perfectly aware that there are some workarounds for this kind of situation BUT this is completely besides the point. The point being making workflows EASIER, not more convoluted.
  4. Sorry, but I can only back-up rygar here: A gradient tool that works like the one in Photoshop is in *dire* need here. As rygar rightfully says, it is just not possible to paint several (bitmap) gradients on a single layer. This may sound like a small thing, but it is as with many of the "small things" missing in Affinity Photo: The fact that they are missing makes many workflows *extremely* and unnecessarily long winded and tedious, which is also the reason why I still stick with Photoshop for the moment, even though I own the complete Affinity Software Suite.

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