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  1. jendabek

    DDS texture export

    Yeah, I have already gave up... it seems they are just targeting more casual user base, otherwise I believe the DDS support would be already there.
  2. jendabek

    DDS texture export

    Thanks, but would be better to tell us when or if you are going to add the feature instead of pointing us to a thread where there are any additional details. But I have already gave up on Affinity Photo anyway because there are just too many features missing for more advanced workflows like the texture creation (especially external document linking / auto updating) and it looks that devs have different priorities.
  3. If this should be a replacement for Photoshop, it must also contain it's more advanced features. If you try to make textures without file linking / auto updating, it is just a real pain. Lacking those advanced features (I could add very limited support for patterns for example), Affinity Photo is just advanced painting program for me, which is dissapointing because it is presented like a very advanced image editor :(
  4. This keeps me from buying the Affinity Photo. The key feature for textures making.
  5. I agree that PS Smart Objects linking is not optimal but it is possible to avoid the issues you have mentioned. For example if you save your document already scaled to similar dimensions you will use in the document where you are going to embed it, then the updating is quite fast and the main document is also smaller then. Also there is a workaround for relinking only one SO copy - you can make it unique by rasterizing it and convertingto Smart Object again, then you can re-link only this one Smart Object (layer) . But as I said, I agree that this behavior is not optimal...
  6. I not only want it - for me it is the key drawback that keeps me from buying it. I simply cannot realize my work without this feature (combining multiple large documents into final game textures and updating whenever I change some of the linked documents).
  7. I need the support of the nVidia Photoshop plugin for exporting .dds textures. Thank you.
  8. +1 Key feature for me when creating textures for 3D - they are made by referencing to multiple base textures that are mixed together to create the final texture. Thanks for implementing this feature!
  9. This keeps me from switching... +1000