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  1. tfriberg

    DDS File Support

    Posted workflow in https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/34306-dds-file-support/&do=findComment&comment=273904. Exporting to png and converting with Graphic Converter where Torsten (the dev) added support for DDS about a week. He uses Roland Scheideggers libtxc_dxtn for exporting which to me could be a simple(?) solution.
  2. tfriberg

    DDS File Support

    Until we hopefully get support for DDS RGBA in Affinity Designer/Photo I save as png's and (as I am on Mac) use Lemkesoft's Graphic Converter to save as DDS. I mailed and asked Torsten to add support for DDS and he had a beta I could try two weeks after my request . It's no longer only in beta