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  1. 1 hour ago, Requester said:

    but i need the Affinity Designer much much much more than the Affinity Photo.


    1 hour ago, m.vlad said:

    You don't get it, affinity photo already has the bugs attached to it. The Affinity suite has the same core code, and it's that code that's bugging out (working on the artboards, making new documents). I have barely used affinity photo myself and i'm also an affinity designer user mainly but consider this: if hypothetically no one here has an account before now, and they use their vote for this only, we only need 130 more people to vote (AP has 18 votes at the time of this comment). If we split the votes up it's more than double that to get both to 407 and even more if we also have publisher people vote for that app separately.
    For this purpose of porting the suite, one app should cover most bases as they share a large chunk of their code. That's why I said earlier to keep the votes contained in one app, not because I'm a Photo user.

    True, so we all need to vote only for Affinity Photo: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=39311


  2. 8 minutes ago, Requester said:

    Another idea. Why don't we just ask the Wine developers for how much for a kickstart campaign they would integrate support for Affinity products?

    Who wants that? We need native software. We are talking about software for professionals, not about games.

    You can ask companies or other organizations, who want to grow Linux, if they want to sponsor Affinity Linux versions.

  3. 8 minutes ago, Redsandro said:

    False. Node.js developers were the most sought after backend developers in 2019. It is a huge success story.

    Sure, JavaScript is growing. But not Linux.

    9 minutes ago, Redsandro said:

    It's starting to rival Windows.

    lol, déjà vu :D

    10 minutes ago, Redsandro said:

    False. Ask Red Hat Enterprise Linux what they and their billions of revenue think about free software.

    I understand your frustration but please don't spread misinformation.

    Man, I am talking only about Linux on desktop. Linux enthusiasts don't like closed software like Affinity. They like to make thousands of different distributions, which all are the same but not compatible to each other. Wine works also against Linux. All that prevents Linux to grow on the desktop.

    You need 2 steps to grow Linux:

    1) Focus on only 1 or 2 distributions; with one standard

    2) Support software companies to bring their professional software native to Linux.

  4. Hello,

    I use the latest AD on Windows 10.

    My problem is, that I have to select the font again and again for one of my files. Maybe I do something wrong....

    You can see on my first screenshot, that the selected text does not touch the canvas on the right and top. AD tells me on the left that the font is Open Sans. That's the font I like to use.


    Now I have just to select the same font again and everything fits and looks like it should:


    The font looks different in the first screenshot.
    It seems that AD forgets my font selection shows me Arial instead. But still shows me Open Sans in the selection.
    It is not every time I open the file, but after a while I have to select Open Sans again.

    What's wrong here?

    Thanks Jochen

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