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  1. It's at which when zooming it'll disappear from view so you can check your page without grid. For example, you can decide 50%: it mean the grid will be visible when zoom is > 50% (at which point you work with precision and can align text), but zoom < 50% won't show the grid.
  2. Some can do this, but I don't think we'll get this ability from the start, and managing RTL with scripts seems a little bit too much: a lot of parameters and calculations to be done backward… After APub already finished its own calculations. APub isn't really stable for now when you test 250 pages with complex master pages. Perhaps it'll be "easier", later, for the dev to add a second mode that do what must be done once and for all, with a setting for RTL. And for security and stability, scripts have usually limited actions.
  3. Can't you have a big circle to cut them all at the right lenght after expanding the strokes and merging them in one form?
  4. I reseted the value to 0. Space after isn't needed but for heading, and I'd rather choose when I want one and wich value. It's not an automatic value, but a fixed one. Perhaps later we'll be able to select the same options as in leading (multiple, fixed, etc.), that could be helpfull. But it is (in this exampe: baseline + 12 pt + leading). For measure, we display a grid of 12 pt, but the text isn't aligned on the grid. With a baseline = 0, each line is distant from the next one by 12 pt. With baseline = 84 pt, distance is 12 + 84 pt. With auto leading, I suspect MY measure isn't acurate, since I found 99.08 and it should be 99.14 pt: space-after2.afpub
  5. Usually scripting is a different way to use the fonctions we have in a program, those we usually access clicking on button or with shortcuts, using the data those functions/button access. Scripting permit to add calculus, work on text, dupplicate, move, etc. depending on conditions and values, and send back to the app those datas modified. But it won't really be able to add functions that doesn't exist to the app like RTL, (your example is only a visual effect, but all styles options should apply to those texts and respect the language proprieties). RTL would be more a plugin or module able to modify the way the apps work internaly, constantly (each time the text is modifiedadjusting lines, etc.).
  6. On Windows 7, the icon and the white arrow appear only in .434, not in Bêta 404
  7. If you want to be able to modify your Text frames later, it's better to add them to Master pages (and link the 2 together if you use double pages), before importing/placing your text on the frame of the first page and doing this trick. This way, you can resize your frames (or do something else) on the Master pages, and it'll be applied at all your pages in the document.
  8. Hi, It would be usefull to have a "Reset formatting" button in the toolbar, since there's no shortcut we can assign to this function, and sometimes we need to hide the panels (and it's impossible to hide all but one panel like Text styles when we need a larger view of our text and the toolbar at the top). And text styles should have an indicator in the toolbar to show they're local modifications (some usual + symbol, for example).
  9. Another option for you, is to dupplicate the elements in 2 groups, keeping only FR layer in one and US layer in the other, and using the Export persona to create slices of those groupes that you'll export. But the file's size will double.
  10. A suitable option would be to have a new option in the Export persona permitting to select the layers we want to export in a slice. It would help designer that need different background or other option, instead of having to dupplicate layers to create groups that'll be exported as slices (problems: huger file with those dupplicated layers, and if one of the dupplicated layers need changes, it should be done in each copy in the groups). Example of linked icons for layers needing to be visible and exported in a new type of slices:
  11. I aalready posted aboutthis annoying behavior, and the fact that there's no visual infos about this scaling problem, and to easily input back 100%. Ithink that's the same problem when we use styles in AD and end up with strokes larger or thinier than expected. A single sclae input that we can reverse to 100% would be the easier solution, instead of those blind modifications. That's another problem that make APub difficult to use since changes can be small enough that you won't notice them unless you check values here and there. It would be a nighmare debugging files… I can imagine sending magazine templates to co-worker or extra help, and having to debug or correct the resulting file so the magazine layout would be respected (same problems with people using "pipette" in ID instead of applying correctly styles: the result is slighty different). Perhaps not: the applied text style use a smaller font, and it's possible the local formatting was only applied to excess text out of the frame, or occured to eccess text only for unknown reasons.
  12. Usually, you'll want to keep logos, photos and illustrations apart as individual files to reuse later. (For example, we have got a folder for logos with subfolders from A to Z on a server and we update logos there, to be able later to import and link logos in our documents). Illustrations and photos you'll use more than once can be store in folders by theme too. For those, I would use APhoto and ADesigner. For flyers and documents, and for quick edit of photos, or easy illustrations or charts, it can be done directly in APub, but APub don't have the Export persona, that I find usefull and use a lot with the other apps.
  13. Usually, I would use text frame's grid for articles that need a different grid, but for footnote, I would rely on "align to bottom" text frame and leading, no grid. I would just snap the bottom of the frame to a line of the grid.
  14. APub have a bad habit to remember/resize or keep style or character size. If you create a new frame and write, it'll italic. I suspect APub is applying some older formatting on characters, perhaps from previous test to create an header at the beginning of the document? To avoid such behavior I usually apply Character styles for bold, italic and bold italic, and apply a body paragraph style at all the text, erasing local formatting. (old local formatting seems to be the problem here). Next style shouldn't modify the next paragraph when you only apply a style to a paragraph. It's only meant to be applied when you select different paragraphs and choose to apply "style X and next styles", but the result is the other paragraphs are styled, nothing more. Second use is when you enter text: it'll apply the next paragraph style after you hit "enter", and the text you'll write will be correctly formatted. But it shouldn't work by itself in other situations.
  15. I'm not sure there's a problem here. I think people using or reading about AP, AD and APub will search "Affinity D|P|Apub" and found the site https://affinity.serif.com The other ones, who known first of Serif and the older apps will go to the “old” site https://www.serif.com and will learn this way about the new apps, clicking on "learn more" and ending on the new site. If they know about the new apps, they won't go to the old site by error but to have access to the infos displayed at the bottom of the page. If not, they'll click on "learn more" .
  16. Perhaps its a but with the frames or the page. Did you tried copying the content of this page on a new one to check if this keep on happening? (it's the settings of one of those frames). Or to delete frames from this page until you find the culprit (one of them is bugged) or until there's none and create a new text frame to check if this happen on this empty page? (> The page is bugged)
  17. Nice pictures here and on the site!
  18. And if you need to convert to curves, you'll have to correct all the angles if you want a round shape. It can be time consuming.
  19. Yes, it is. And there's not shortcut to enable/disable it. It would be usefull to have more options: it could be effective when pasting text too, a shortcut to enable or disable it (in this case, it would be needed, since sometimes we paste copyproofed text we don't want to be modified, sometimes text from emails or not copyproofed that need to be corrected, especially not curly quotes. (You need to be an advanced keyboard user or to know some tricks, or to be helped by yours apps, if you want to insert specials french characters on a PC's french keyboards, it's easier on Mac). People need to use clever tricks like glyphes browsers, copying-pasting from another app, writting in another app that'll auto-correct the text or learn and use the alt+xxxx combinations, etc. That's why having this bug corrected is important and can help grow French customers Using US/UK quotes in French is an error and frown upon, but it's the default behaviour of our keyboards, that's why it would be better if it was debugged. Yes, but French French don't! For this setting, it should be a new option labelled "Swiss French". Suppose each time you hit ' or ", the app insert a Chinese character… it would be a bug. And it's a double bug in French since it's replacing quotes and apostrophes by single chevrons. Yes! That's good It need to add them too before !, ? and ;. There're other cases when we add them or to keep some words together. It'll be easier when we'll be able to use some scripts to do this or some specific editing.
  20. Are you sure you export in the right folder and didn't change export destination by error? If you're on Win10, try to export again, and once you've got the destination's options displayed, don't export, but use ctrl+Land ctrl+C shortcuts to get and copy the path and paste it in an Explorer windows (same shortcut: ctrl+L and ctrl+V), it'll get you to the last folder where you exported the file. This way you should find the last exported version of your file. Affinity apps only save in the file folder when you open the app, after this, they tend to remember the last used folder path, and it's easy to save some file where you don't want it if you open a lot of files from different folders
  21. @GarryP Earlier I had a conversation about how it would be more "logical" to colonize Venus (right athmosphere) instead of Mars (dirt to walk on)… I was in some sort of futur while writing!
  22. Normalerweise sollte ein Rechtsklick auf "Speichern" ausreichen, um es in Ihrem "Download" -Ordner zu speichern. Usually, a right-click to select "save" should be enought to save it in your "download" folder.
  23. Precision: We have the Académie française to normalize and decide how we should write. And if we can't find an answer about a how to write something, it's possible to ask them. Orthotypographie.fr is more about punctuation and capitals (or not capitals), and listing different possible rules and uses. And thanks for you work with diagrams.
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