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    Pšenda got a reaction from SergiP in Request: Change the order of slices   
    Yes please,
    and double click to thumbnail (like all Layers panel).
    Message to developers - try to scroll through the Slices panel using the arrows on the scroll bar (Windows).
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    Pšenda got a reaction from Aammppaa in I have a dream...   
    Even without searching? :-)
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    Pšenda reacted to SergiP in Request: Change the order of slices   
    I would like to be able to change the order of slices in Export Persona
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    Pšenda got a reaction from lavender in How to make a border page in Affinity Publisher   
    Draw 1 px rectangle to Master page.
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    Pšenda reacted to ianmcd in Affinity Photo Pen Tool, can't draw 2 closed paths on 1 Curve Layer   
    Hi Psenda
    Thanks for your advice, I agree Help is the way forward.
    I should have studied Help in more detail at the time, best regards, Ian
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    Pšenda got a reaction from Aammppaa in Manipulating text   
    ... and Publisher.
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    Pšenda reacted to smadell in Masking Color Suggestion   
    Jowday...  Set it here:

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    Pšenda reacted to John Rostron in Adjusting type in a book layout to fall evenly on margin   
    @Omega G, 
    You are more likely to get help if you used a meaningful title for your post, such as: How do I allow text to rest directly on the bottom margin evenly on each page?
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    Pšenda got a reaction from ChristiduToit in Long-press Shortcuts   
    This works in some cases in Affinity.
    For example draw with Pen Tool, press Ctrl switch to Node Tool (correct node position or curve shape), release Ctrl - continue with Pen Tool. 
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    Pšenda got a reaction from malayali in Opening an AFTEMPLATE could prompt a new "untitled" document   
    The truth is that the most common use of a template is to create a new document. Its adjustment is rarely done so double click difference would be understandable and natural (adequate New Form). However, opening a template should remain for her modification.
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    Pšenda got a reaction from firstdefence in AF (mac) pen stroke as brush don't work   
    Options > Hide.
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    Pšenda got a reaction from walt.farrell in New from Clipboard   
    Like Copy + Paste, where any intermediate step is unnecessary and harmful.
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    Pšenda reacted to walt.farrell in New from Clipboard   
    Why should it be in the New dialog, whose purpose is to specify page size, margins, etc.?
    The purpose of New from Clipboard is to produce something directly from the clipboard, not to have control beyond that. And why should it take additional clicks to get the document created, when it can be done with one using the File menu? (Or one keystroke using the keyboard shortcut.)
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    Pšenda reacted to michaelokraj in New from Clipboard   
    @Pšenda @Joachim_L

    As specified
    It is about the new NEW-Menu:

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    Pšenda reacted to Joachim_L in New from Clipboard   
    That was clear to me. What is the (your) benefit to have the option there, compared to File -> New from Clipboard or with the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N?
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    Pšenda got a reaction from Andy05 in Saving different workspaces   
    https://www.google.com/search? q=Save+Workspace+request+site%3Aforum.affinity.serif.com
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    Pšenda reacted to supajiggi in Affinity Publisher Border size visual difference   
    Got ya, Do everything including cropping and apply "outline" not "Border" as the very last thing. done a test and it works for me 🙂 Thanks again.
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    Pšenda reacted to VirginiaL in Publisher - Embed and not linked files   
    thank you so much!
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    Pšenda got a reaction from VirginiaL in Publisher - Embed and not linked files   
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    Pšenda reacted to John Rostron in Reducing an image makes the quality worse. Why?   
    How did you reduce the size of the image? Was it Document > Resize? Which resizing algorithm did you use? Was it Nearest Neighbour? Bicubic? Lanczos? Which algorithm did you use in Photoshop?
    Reducing from 3744 x 5616 to  pixel size 420x375, you would expect a significant loss of quality.
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    Pšenda reacted to Jerry Jenkins in Too many open files message   
    Lagarto, Psenda, Walt, and all: I set up Publisher on a newer machine here, iMac Retina, Mohave 10.14.3, i7 processor, 32 GB memory, and asked it to link to several hundred Illustrator drawings of tree buds. These are fairly complex drawings, 5-10 MB each, lots of shapes and gradients. Publisher handled them without and hesitation or fuss, and saved and reopened the file without incident, in a matter of a few seconds.
    So, unless I run into problems in even larger files, everything is working. My conclusion is that while Publisher runs under Mac OS 10.10, it cannot link to large numbers of vector files, either in Designer or Illustrator format, without generating errors and crashing. I love working in Publisher, and am pleased with this outcome. And grateful for your help. I will continue to work in it -- book of about 500 pages, maybe 2,000 illustrations and maps -- and am sure I will have other questions as I go along. Jerry Jenkins  norternforestatlas.org
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    Pšenda got a reaction from DragonWhimsy in Displaying brush names in the brush panel   
    I have a similar problem using colors from Presets (Pantone, etc). I need the selected color to remain somehow marked/highlighted so that I can easily select a lighter/darker shade. Unfortunately, the selected/used color is not highlighted in any way, so it is just a confusing array of colored squares in which I easily get lost.
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    Pšenda got a reaction from walt.farrell in 90-day free trial to run on Windows 7?   
    .... 64 bit. 
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    Pšenda reacted to walt.farrell in New Document: Clipboard   
    Ah, sorry. It's not there. I missed which application you were posting about.
    Publisher wants to create page-based documents, and New from Clipboard is more for images (Photo) or design layouts (Designer). That's my guess why it's missing.
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    Pšenda got a reaction from robskinn in Sync general preferences between computers   
    Just a suggestion, I haven't tried myself.
    Affinity application settings are stored in individual *.xml files (in Windows).

    These files could be synchronized between computers using OneDrive/Dropbox/....
    (they would need to be mapped to HardLink/SymLink to the file sync folder).
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