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  1. Affinity can export to EPS for print. You also have SVG, PS files and some more covering a lot of cases where clients request different formats.
  2. Hey guys, As the title says can’t figure it out. Have some SVG’s with icon packs and can’t release compound shapes like in AI. And making marque selections with the node tool also seems impossible. Have to select and each individual point which is a pain. Cheers, Vlad
  3. Yes got that. But I was speaking of something you can enable and disable on the go without finding UI elements to click on somewhere on the screen.
  4. MEB but this approach I don’t like too much either. Sometimes I do want the layer panel focus to stay where it is and only activate it once in a while. A shortcut for focus will be great. Press shortcut again to return to original position. Hope that makes sense.
  5. While an eraser will be nice. AD has some serious issues with how the points are generated and that being said you get random distributions, and way too many points. No way to simplify the shape either. You have to do it manually. It still has some way to go before more tools can be useful.
  6. I think you need to purchase with volume license. You also get a discount by doing it that way. MEB can give you the link for it I think.
  7. Can you also add a shortcut for it Matt? Like select an item on the canvas, press F(or whatever key) then that layer is focused on the layer panel(some autoscroll I think).
  8. It is definitely broken. Sometimes when using the text or text frame and and in full screen pressing esc also drops AD out of full screen. There has to be a better way then using esc...
  9. Blender is easy. I can give you a few private lessons to help with the brain wrapping part ;)
  10. I will make some composites of my own once those live filters and smart objects are implemented. Read they are supposed to come this week :D
  11. Hi, I have a quite important issue with the apps. The layer preview changes based on transparency. While at first glance the interactive preview might seem cool or useful it gets quickly annoying when you try to find the layer you are looking for. This is a problem because I recognise what a layer is based on it’s original look. If I have a low transparency all I get is a grey/dark flat color in the preview and this coupled with the fact that if I don’t rename the layers right away makes finding layers later hard to impossible. Could you please change this or put some google to disable the effect? Tip: For the brush when painting is pretty awesome actually to have a preview of the final result. Thanks, Vlad
  12. It’s still in an early beta and the live effects like in PS are still in development. They asked about some workflow usage a few weeks ago in another thread. I am certain it will be available in 1-2 months or so. Edit: Actually a reply to my question by a developer said they should come next week.
  13. Fusion 7 is coming on mac soon as well
  14. 00Ghz

    Clearer indication of current tab

    You have a point. It feels like the darker tab is actually active.
  15. You mean divide? It does kinda work but not the same thing.
  16. check attached shot. Thanks
  17. Devs add more shortcuts :) Other, the add shortcuts requests will spam the forum threads. Might add a few extra myself...just to make sure you add them :D
  18. Ok MEB attached it. It definitely works in AI and it sees them as compound shapes. stuff.svg
  19. Sure MEB :) Here are 4 sample icons. Even in SVG AI sees them as compound paths. However AD does not. test.afdesign
  20. Guys you forget the crappy GPU driver support from both Nvidia and AMD on linux.
  21. +100. It needs to come in next beta :P
  22. Except that it doesn’t work. :( The option is disabled.

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