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  1. Hello, With what I frequently fighting are two objects whose position I want to swap. Like say I need the text under this object or vice versa. Now I have to find them in layer and drag them where I want them but if you have dozen layers it is totally clumsy. The short cut up and down or or top or bottom movement is not of big help either. If we will be able to select the objects and from menu or via shortcut call "swap layer position" it would safe me/us hours...
  2. Consider to change the actual behaviour of pasting object in a way that when someone copies an object and hit paste it will paste the object under the cursor unlike now when the new object is mostly pasted over the copied one. First it helps on larger/large projects, basically anytime where you wanna simply copy and paste object from one place to the other, plus it helps in selection. I do not see any reason why the pasted object should lay over the original one.. nobody wants it there, the original one is there already.. plus there is a function for copying and object over the original one (something like "copy in place") anyway Super+J (Duplicate)
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