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  1. confirmend, hier the same, open a jpg, set the crop after apply Photo close it self.
  2. I installed the leastest beta with a update to the previous install with no errors.
  3. Under a other name there is also a dam for mac users.
  4. For a DAM I use AbeMedia .7.3 and yes it can let see .afphoto files to. And yes you can direct open AF from it. For so long AF has no one for us.
  5. Can scale drawing also be visibly recorded on a drawing with multiple figures so that while drawing I can see how big the previous object is and can also print, for example, A4 format?
  6. I open an old (Designer) document and what do I see! Pages ... the document has 8 pages and I can now format a document from multiple pages. With overflowing text frames, I hardly need a Publisher! (just kidding). My question is how do I get this? This was on a Ipad! Can someone tell me what hier is happening. I have look on Designer on the windows desktop but is not possible. This a question from one our dutch members.
  7. I have seen this evening the same problem. I had to use clone tool to get this right.
  8. To this time I have no problems with at all.
  9. No problem by install. Remove the downloaded version en try again download and install. Close 1.8.4 before update.
  10. I don't get a crash report. I will try if I can reproduce the whole process.
  11. Strange things happen to night after playing with three layers and a mask i version Trying to set a mask on upper layer. AP freeze, after minimized the app and get back the mask is there, but ... I can't remove or doing anything the mask from this layer, and at that moment AP quit without any warning total.
  12. Windows INK is a great problem if you use a paint tablet. I have also done this for some weeks.
  13. Look at these GPU card settings these are mine :
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