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  1. Thanks, but by the member the Assets is empthy after the update. In the download list they are have a green v
  2. well I got a member who use a Mac, He downloaded all the overlays, but they are not installed in the Assets. So someone a Idea?
  3. I have uploaded two cr3 files to the dropbox with users permission.
  4. its the same I got and the same the member got The camera is a Canon Eos R6
  5. Hi Guys a member of one of my fb group has a shot taken in high continue raw cr3 thats not accepted in de leatest beta, a normal cr3 is no problem. Someone here who can test this please. This is coming from the Canon Eos R6 7Y0A0487.CR3
  6. Have you try new install? I have tested the leatest beta and all my plugins are there.
  7. Tis is my benchmark on a new system with the leatest beta. Processor is a Intel I5-10400F 2.9 mhz in extreme mode at 4000 mhz. used 32 Gb 2660 mhz
  8. I have made some visuals in the productive version today, but have no problems at all. Have this with AF files and jpg. After this openend a jpg in to the leatest beta, export it and reloaded without errors. The same with the save of this file.
  9. Yes, no changes to the behavior. In the for leatest beta only so light lost of connection, but its further working.
  10. After testing some more, the problem can be only to the background remover brush in Why this is happen after the newest windows update to day I don't know.
  11. I have make a screen video from this behavior in 1.8.0 version. You see first XpPen and then mouse. under mouse its very slow. I have set every setting but this is not working. Nvidea studio drivers are up to date. But also under warp the same results. Yesterday I had this problem not. brush behaviar.wmv
  12. Today I got strange behavior in operation version after windows update this morning. After removing the white paper from a developed ARW file I try to remove the background with the background remove tool and mouse, both strike to work in normale mode. The XPPen work alone with 1 pixel or total not. The same with the mouse. I have trye the leatest beta and there its working sofar normally. The pen is working like I wanted. Some more have this problem?
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