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  1. Thanks! Somehow we have to make enough noise to get some attention on this issue!
  2. I recently photographed a ribbon cutting. I had 50 images shot in different lighting indoor outdoor, with flash and without. I used a Canon DSLR with a Canon flash and shot in camera RAW. Here is how my post went. Open stand alone Adobe Bridge (not linked to Photoshop) Copy 50 RAW files from SD card to “folder-raw”, batch rename, batch edit image “File Info”. Use Bridge (stand alone version, not within PS) to view image thumbnails. Select raw files requiring similar edits, open in AP2. Open single image file in Develop Persona. Adjust exposure as required (adjustment differs for each image). Adjust white balance as required. Develop file Save file to “AP2-Edit” folder, close image Repeat the above steps for each of the 50 files. Open “New Batch Job” Add 50 images, check “Save Into”, check “Save as JPG”, uncheck “Save as Aphoto”, click OK. I spent approximately 1-2 hours to complete my post editing using AP2. At this rate I’ll go Broke. I may have to consider giving up using Affinity Photo. Do you now see why some of us are begging for an AP2 compatible DAM? Using Bridge within Photoshop, this work would have been done in 10-15 minutes. Please, please, please listen to your customers on this issue. Give-A-DAM!
  3. Finder has no where near the features and tools that an app like Adobe Bridge. If you’re familiar with Bridge, that the tool box we’re looking for but compatible with AP.
  4. James: Ive always enjoyed the Affinity Photo Video Tutorials. You do a much better job than A@0&3! When you brought out V2 I updated. Yes, you've added some valuable shortcuts and streamlined tool layout. For around 5 years your customers have been begging for a DAM product. I was sooooo hoping AP V2 would at least bridge some of that gap. I often shoot in my studio using the same backdrop, same exposure and same studio light set up. Prior to moving the AP, I would make adjustments across a group of raw image files using something like Bridge. Adjustments like exposure, file info (metadata edits, copyright notice, etc) saturation, white balance and the like. I still don't see anyway to perform these initial camera raw edits to multiple files at once in AP V2. I've explored the File/New Batch Job tool. Although it allows for the use of Macros, who wants to write a custom macro overtime editing a group of Raw files? What am I missing? Sure appreciate your insights.
  5. Sorry if I caused a problem. Would you be so kind as to highlight the specific text you allege to be in violation. This will help me understand your guidelines better. Thanks.
  6. You must have misread my OP. In V-1 when using the "File/New Batch Job" tool in the Develope Persona you can't apply Basic Presets. The same holds true for V-2. Files have to be Opened in the Develop Persona in order to use Basic/Presets. Very Very Disappointing. Major Disappointment Serif Executives!!!
  7. I just finished processing 7 images from camera raw in the develop persona. As all images were shot using the same exposure/lighting they needed the same basic adjustments. I created/added a preset to adjust exposure, adjust saturation and vibrance. The Image file was opened in the develop persona, applied the basic preset, developed which opened the image in the photo persona, then saved to a new folder. This process had to be applied to 7 files one at a time. is there a way to apply a basic preset to multiple images in one batch process in the Develop persona? I checked the New Batch Process tool. It only seems to work in the photo persona after developing the raw image.
  8. UPDATE: As a Canon user, I have access to Canon Digital Photo Professional. I updated it and started looking at it. Turns out with a little exploration, trial and effort, I can accomplish most everything I used in Adobe Bridge and Photoshop. After opening my camera raw images, any edit made to an image file can be applied to all the other images selected. Very handy function. This will make work flow much more efficient. I may have just found my DAM!!
  9. Does either app allow you to batch process images? I.E. select a group of image files, then adjust white balance to all selected images.
  10. I’ve been thinking along the same lines. Affinity should just acquire a DAM, make the necessary tweaks and get it out to the users. I think it was back in 2015 or 2016 there was rumble the product was in the works. Sounds like they are really not committed. Sounds like the 2 apps you use may not be a good candidate for me to consider.
  11. I tried it. Terrible to a 1st time user. After waiting 15 minutes for my file structure to populate, I quit. At that point only a third of the files were loaded.
  12. We’ll, I guess I really screwed up. I was hoping a lot of AP users would agree that Serif needs to market a DAM. Now with all the alternate suggestions they’ll probably figure “No need for a DAM. Our customers have other products to use. No sense releasing a new product.”
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