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  1. el.gato: Based on your comments, I downloaded DPP4. Thanks. Since you're using Affinity Photo, how do you open a raw file from DPP4 in AP? Any help is apreciated!
  2. slchapin41: Stick with Mojave as long as you can. I decided not to go with the Adobe CC product and kept my Adobe Photoshop CS6. Yes, 6! In any event, I did upgrade to Catalina and PS CS6 would not load. I talked to Apple and we decided my best bet was to revert to Mojave. After reverting, all hell broke loose. In addition, I was using Dr Browns Image Processor 2. To revert to Mojave, Apple walked me through the "re-install" from a clean drive. I'm not going to go into that one! Bottom line, Bridge stopped recognizing some .CR2 raw files. I tried a PS CS6 re-install. No help. In any event, After Installing the Adobe DNG Converter I was back in business. Somewhat slowed but back in business. Sooooo, long story-short stay with Mojave. Sorry to go a bit off topic but I felt it was knowing.
  3. Let me attempt to describe the processing of an image and the problem that resulted. I first used the crop/straighten tool to correct the horizon. Next I resized the image making it 4X6. To simulate the image having a white border, I changed the canvas size to 5X7. In doing so, the image was shown crooked on the canvas. How do I fix this so the image displays straight after straightening the horizon??????? Urrrrrrgh.
  4. OK, I've searched the forums, google sends me to tutorial videos, watched the crop tutorials (all) maybe half dozen times and still confused. I cannot make the crop tool work. After clicking on crop tool then selecting straighten, I wind up with a crop box. No idea how??? Then I can't get rid of the box. Urgh. After I set a crop box, I can never get the box to change size and constrain proportions. Of all the tools in this application the crop tool is the only one that causes me grief. To correct my problems I have to close out of the image, re-open it and start all over again. I'm fast approaching hatred for the crop tool!
  5. I don't see 3 hours of work as "clever" - LOL. More like stupid.
  6. On Dec 20, 2016 I purchased my copy of Affinity Photo (A-P). I made the purchase as this app appeared to be close to Photoshop CS6. I'm running A-P on a MacBook Pro, 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 processor with 8GB of ram. So far most of my time has been spent try learn how to navigate the toolbars. I looked, searched the tutorials for help but was left scratching my head. Biggest obstacle was getting a grasp on the concept of "persona" and what they do - phew! I'm very used to using Bridge in PS CS6. I would hope Affinity would add this to A-P soon. I'm an Aerial, Commercial, Jewelry, Portrait and Underwater photographer. As a result, I use a lot of batch automation for renaming, adding file info and watermarking my images before any individual file edits. I finally realized I can't use a "macro" to add watermark text to images. A forum member lead me to creating a brush as a watermark. After 4 hours of work, I was ready to watermark my images. ‚ÄčI loaded 8 camera raw images (approx. 27MB each file). This is when A-P came to a screeching slow down, this side of crashing. When I tried to run the macro, performance got worse. I figured it was time to quit and re-think my approach. I "tried" to close out my 8 raw files. I timed the file close process, It took 10 almost 11 minutes for my MBP to close out the 8 raw files. So here I am with about 5 hours of work into A-P and nothing to show for my efforts, other than learning a couple of things about navigating A-P. Seems like a long learning curve. I've never been diagnosed with a learning disability, so I must be just plain stupid - chuckle. In bridge, this work would have done in 10 or 15 minutes including re-sizing images for upload to my blog. I really hope this learning curve will speed up a LOT or I'll be in trouble. I also posted a comment on A-P under "feature requests": https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/33054-affinity-photo-heres-a-source-for-new-features/ Again this is just feedback. I'll keep plugging at it. PS- how about a "post" button at the bottom of this form. My only button choice is "Post New Topic". Thanks!!
  7. UPDATE: Madame - OK, I watched the video you listed along with a bunch of others. So here's what I did. 1- Had to figure how the Brush panel worked and how to create a new brush. 2- I created an image with my studio logo, copyright info and studio web site url 3- Learned I had to save it as a png. 4- After clicking "duplicate brush" 5 times because I saw no confirmation the brush was duplicated, I found that the duplicates are listed at the very bottom of the list of brushes. 5- Figured out how to delete brushes 6- Managed to create a brush for my studio watermark 7- Determined the brush size needed to display on a camera raw image 8- Started to create a macro to automate the use of the watermark brush, tested, edited and finalized All this took about 3 hours.
  8. I just purchased my copy of Affinity Photo. So far I'm liking what I see. My main reason for purchase was to get around the Adobe Cloud concept. I tried to figure out what A-P was missing when compared to PS CS6. A nearly impossible task. After a quick scan of the Feature Request Forum, here's my suggestion. Take a hard look at the Adobe Photoshop product. Then include all of the PS tools in A-P. The Adobe Bridge product is great for speeding work flow. The use of Actions - A-P calls Macros is an amazing tool. However your missing being able to include text for watermarking. Good luck and keep on working at it. Pay close attention to your own forums. Tom Szabo, Owner tom-szabo.com Aerial, Commercial, Jewelry, Portrait and Underwater Photographer
  9. +1 for batch processing - soon. Oh yeah all Happy New Year - 2017!
  10. Jason: Thanks for the comment. I just installed A-P a couple weeks ago, so I'm trying to translate PS CS6 to A-P, LOL. Are you suggesting when recording the Macro to place the text inside the parentheses so A-P doesn't recognize the text as such? As I read your comment it triggered a thought to create a separate jpg c-right notice image with the text. Have the macro open the c-right image and add it to the file being worked on??
  11. I've searched the forum best I could on this problem with no results. I tried to create a macro to add copyright info to images. AP gives me an alert indicating text cannot be applied using this method. Really?? Please don't tell me I have manually add copyright text to 25, 50 or more images. Anyone find a way to do this using A P?
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