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  1. Sorry if I caused a problem. Would you be so kind as to highlight the specific text you allege to be in violation. This will help me understand your guidelines better. Thanks.
  2. You must have misread my OP. In V-1 when using the "File/New Batch Job" tool in the Develope Persona you can't apply Basic Presets. The same holds true for V-2. Files have to be Opened in the Develop Persona in order to use Basic/Presets. Very Very Disappointing. Major Disappointment Serif Executives!!!
  3. I just finished processing 7 images from camera raw in the develop persona. As all images were shot using the same exposure/lighting they needed the same basic adjustments. I created/added a preset to adjust exposure, adjust saturation and vibrance. The Image file was opened in the develop persona, applied the basic preset, developed which opened the image in the photo persona, then saved to a new folder. This process had to be applied to 7 files one at a time. is there a way to apply a basic preset to multiple images in one batch process in the Develop persona? I checked the New Batch Process tool. It only seems to work in the photo persona after developing the raw image.
  4. UPDATE: As a Canon user, I have access to Canon Digital Photo Professional. I updated it and started looking at it. Turns out with a little exploration, trial and effort, I can accomplish most everything I used in Adobe Bridge and Photoshop. After opening my camera raw images, any edit made to an image file can be applied to all the other images selected. Very handy function. This will make work flow much more efficient. I may have just found my DAM!!
  5. Does either app allow you to batch process images? I.E. select a group of image files, then adjust white balance to all selected images.
  6. I’ve been thinking along the same lines. Affinity should just acquire a DAM, make the necessary tweaks and get it out to the users. I think it was back in 2015 or 2016 there was rumble the product was in the works. Sounds like they are really not committed. Sounds like the 2 apps you use may not be a good candidate for me to consider.
  7. I tried it. Terrible to a 1st time user. After waiting 15 minutes for my file structure to populate, I quit. At that point only a third of the files were loaded.
  8. We’ll, I guess I really screwed up. I was hoping a lot of AP users would agree that Serif needs to market a DAM. Now with all the alternate suggestions they’ll probably figure “No need for a DAM. Our customers have other products to use. No sense releasing a new product.”
  9. Affinity Photo: To the Executives at Serif. Should you choose to search the forums using the title of this post, you'll get at least 20 hits. Some of those hits include statements about a Digital Asset manager (DAM) in development. These requests/discussions go back to 2015. That's 7 YEARS at the time of this writing. Sooooooo, come on now; what's really going on? Taking 2 covid years out of the timeline still gives you 5 years to respond. Would you not agree that you owe your loyal users a DAM product by now? To the Executive in charge, please give us a release date (some hope). We're getting anxious.
  10. UPDATE & SOLUTION: Below you’ll find a suggestion by “Old Bruce” that solved the problem. Although “control-click” will work with many features/tools in AP, it apparently doesn’t work in the Channels Tab. But the solution by Old Bruce does. His post is embedded below. Thanks dude!
  11. Interestingly enough, I checked and the Secondary Click feature was enabled already in my settings. I wasn’t aware of it or that it was available. Good thing you mentioned it, cause it worked and opened the tool that I needed. Thank you! I’m going to post the solution to this problem acknowledging your contribution. Thanks again.
  12. I'm using a MacBook Pro WITHOUT a mouse. It has a Trakpad. Rt-Click on a trackpad uses the control-click. The control-click works on all other AP menu items EXCEPT for items under the Channels Tab! Watch the video I highlighted above. All the R, G or B channels and functions shown used in the video DO NOT work in my version of AP. That's the problem I'm trying to resolve.
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