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  1. Post prosessing with Affinity Photo, added lighting, texture, LUT.
  2. Pp with Affinity Photo, added lighting and LUT. LUT preview in Adjustment panel is quite slow.
  3. Thank you for your comments and likes! It is good to have different opinions to make progress... I played a bit with the photo to make it look like more "ancient"... in Affinity Photo of course. If not $200.000 - 300.000 how about X $? 😉
  4. Thank you Wosven for your comment! I think you are quite right, actually I had different darker background but then I wanted to try that gobelin. And off a bit saturation would help. Mft
  5. Thank you jmwellborn for your kind comment! That could be the next step 😉. Mft
  6. Changed background, added textures and lighting effect, dodging and burning locally, some cleaning. I was looking for some old dutch school feeling. Comments please! Mft
  7. Thank you dannyg9 for your kind comment! Mft
  8. Thank you jmwellborn for your comment! Yes, it is retired... 🙂 Mft
  9. Photographed single leaf, selected only the leaf, made shadow by outer shadow, masked, some colour adjustments, local dodging and burning, placed textures.
  10. This seems to be same as horizontal curve.afmacro?
  11. Thank you Affinidesigner for your comment! Mft
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