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  1. 1. Is it possible to export basic svn, without serif extension, in example without serif name space: xmlns:serif="http://www.serif.com/" and dependent serif:... entry. 2. It will be nice to export svg for web without <g> for document, artboards and layers, without <rect> for artboards... File should be smaller.
  2. It is very important feature. I am waiting, too.
  3. Support for https://www.sketch.com/ format will be useful.
  4. Opened AI files do not import nested group properly. Object relation is simple (one level tree in Layers tab). To import relation we have to open AI in Adobe Illustrator. Then export to SVG and open in Affinity. If we have not installed AI, it is problem.
  5. It is very IMPORTANT feature! Please, add it. You can clone "Create Palette From Document > As Document Palete" to "Create Palette From Document > As Document Palete with Globals". New action should automatically create new pallete, mark all colors as global and link all document objects to these global colors. It will be simple to implement alternative to Adobe Recolor.
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