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    Adrenochrom reacted to DM1 in Affinity Photo on iPad + Documents & Data size   
    Do you have the Samples and Tutorials turned on? That may occupy more space.
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    Adrenochrom reacted to GabrielM in Affinity Photo on iPad + Documents & Data size   
    Hi @Adrenochrom,
    Try to create a new blank document, save it and then close it. This should clear all the cached files. 
  3. Haha
    Adrenochrom reacted to Patrick Connor in Does Affinity collect and send data from computers?   
    In English: you are not being spied on
    (you are not that interesting  )
    Patrick Connor
    Data Protection Officer
    Serif Europe Limited
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    Adrenochrom reacted to Dan C in Change Text Size (GUI)   
    Unfortunately this is the only way to currently change the font size, through the Windows scaling options. A preferences option for Windows has been requested previously and is something we may add into a later version.
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    Adrenochrom reacted to v_kyr in default colors (in color palette)   
    colour panel default colours
    Setting default colours with keyboard
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    Adrenochrom reacted to v_kyr in Change Text Size (GUI)   
    No there aren't those text size toggle buttons any longer in the actual APh beta (though I looked into the Win beta version here instead).
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    Adrenochrom reacted to Pšenda in Change Text Size (GUI)   
    Preferences/User Interface/Font UI Size
    If I know, so unfortunately only for Mac.