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  1. Thanks for getting version 1.9 out. I think the new features will be very good.

    I am testing out the PDF Passthrough abilities for our newspaper and every time I do the file is rasterized when exported using slices.

    It seems to export fine from the export menu, but with slices it rasterizes the file using the same PDF export setting. 

    Is there anything that I am missing?

    Also, is there a way to get a higher resolution preview out of PDF passthrough?



  2. When I try and click an object many times it selects an object far off. It will do this consistently in this document. I'm using the Mac. It seems to happen in every Affinity product with the files that have the problem. This was a PDF originally that I started with. I can select objects behind by holding down option and clicking. The selection perimeter of the top most object is very large. Is there something I'm doing wrong? This happens on other documents too, but not all. Here is the video:

  3. I just want to tell you my appreciation for Serif listening to customers, even when it requires patience on our end. I use the programs everyday. For 90% of our work it has completely replaced Adobe. I wouldn't be surprised that once PDF passthrough is enabled and works that we will be at 99% for creative production and newspaper. 

    Unfortunately there is no replacement for Acrobat and the plugins that we use all the time.

    The ability for Serif to be able to have all three of their programs ready for a new platform on day of release of the OS is a testament to their dedication for their software and customers for the future.

    Adobe, on the other hand, hopes to have Lightroom by the end of the year and Photoshop out next year. Nothing about Indesign or Illustrator. I'm sure it's a mess of code because of years of just adding in without making sure was optimized. 

    Thank you and God bless!

  4. I like the new select menu. It's a huge improvement and will save me a bunch of time converting the colors in PDF files to real black rather than the RGB blacks output by MS word. That will work with other things too!

    I'm not sure about the contour tool that the stroke (or appearance) couldn't do before, other than the bake feature. The stroke width can accommodate by creating an outline and then sending it to the back. Another current option in 1.8.4 is outline in the FX panel. Both ways are recognized in our RIP. What advantage am I missing in the contour tool?

    Great job to all of you at Serif!

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