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    vdreams got a reaction from DDA in Where have the Gutter settings for grids gone?   
    Jep, it's a step backward. The Guides Manager is not a replacement. Want the gutter feature back!
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    vdreams reacted to Gabe in Export layers as separate slices   
    Hi @vdreams,
    If you only have one background layer, you cannot mix and match layers for one slice. 
    What you can do is duplicate the background for each instance of the text. Group them together and export a slice of the group.

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    vdreams reacted to KateM in Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Affinity Tools!   
    The creative guys here at Serif Labs knocked up keyboard shortcuts cheat sheets - hope you find them useful!
    Now updated PDFs for 1.4
    Affinity Photo
    Affinity Designer
    Both together
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