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  1. Seanh

    Little lay

  2. Seanh

    One eye blob monster

    So, I just bought a new Wacom tablet. tested it out with some clean line work (AD). I have a soft spot for one eyed blob monsters. hah
  3. Seanh

    Pie Logo

    Thanks :)
  4. Seanh

    Pie Logo

    Logo I just finished for a pop up pie vendor who attends festivals and the like. Done with Affinity Designer.
  5. Seanh

    Gradients convert to raster

    Cool. Thanks for your help.
  6. Seanh

    Gradients convert to raster

    okay - That works. PDF/X-4
  7. Seanh

    Gradients convert to raster

    But for me, the swoosh and the text export as bitmap.
  8. Seanh

    Gradients convert to raster

    Thanks. The background thing is just my weird habbits... Now, with the gradients.. What are you doing differently to me? I select the 'swoosh' (curve) - Click on the colour, and select gradient, and just assign two colours at each end. Like so..
  9. Seanh

    Gradients convert to raster

    Heh, thanks. I find that no matter how many times I proof read, I do end up missing errors.
  10. Seanh

    Gradients convert to raster

    Thanks but it doesn't work. I have removed the gradients all together as I haven't got time to be messing about trying to correct software limitations. I sort of don't see the point in offering a gradient feature in a vector programme when it doesn't actually work when you export for print PDF. :P
  11. Seanh

    Gradients convert to raster

    Here is the file. Thanks. http://uk-afloat.co.uk/affinity/picnic.afdesign Bare in mind - You'll be missing one of the fonts, so it may look a little weird for you. Here is the PDF - http://uk-afloat.co.uk/affinity/Daymenu-Alvechurch.pdf