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  1. Grumpy1954

    Free Affinity Photo Brushes

    Thank you for these, very good of you to make them available to everyone
  2. I've watched several of these on YouTube as well: clear, concise and easy to follow, everything a good tutorial should be.
  3. Grumpy1954

    yet more plastic

    Fair enough, I was wrong on the recycling issue, I thought that it was the same as cling film. I will retrieve it from the rubbish bin and put into our soft plastics recycling. But the point that it is unnecessary in the first place still stands.
  4. Hello, Today I received my copy of the Affinity Photo Workbook, with which I am very happy. I am, however, less happy with the fact that it was shrink-wrapped, with plastic that is non-recyclable. I worked in the book trade, both in bookselling and publishing, for nearly thirty years and we would never, ever, shrink wrap single copies, there is simply no need. At a time when there is huge concern about the level of plastic use throughout the world it is very disappointing to see yet more being generated to by this completely unnecessary procedure. I assume that as the book has been out of stock that it has been undergoing a reprint, so all copies will be wrapped, meaning that much more plastic needing disposal. It would be nice to think that this is the last time that this will happen, and that Serif can make a contribution to reducing the appalling level of plastic use by discontinuing this practice.
  5. Grumpy1954

    Greyscale merging

    Thanks for the reply. Simple answers: no and yes. Despite all the times I've watched that tutorial I hadn't made the connection between James clicking the equations box and the change from colour to greyscale. The world is suddenly a happier place, and my sanity is restored. Thanks again.
  6. Grumpy1954

    Greyscale merging

    Thanks for the second reply. I can see what you mean, and I probably didn't explain myself very well. When I drag the greyscale pixel layer on to the Apply Image panel, it doesn't change from colour, like it does in the tutorial. I'm probably being very dense here...
  7. Grumpy1954

    Greyscale merging

    Thanks for resolving that issue. I've just tried again. and yes, there is a greyscale icon and a colour icon. But the main image doesn't change regardless of which layer is selected, that's what is confusing me. Whereas it does in the tutorial.
  8. I've been trying to learn how to do greyscale merging by following James Ritson's video on the topic. As with all of his tutorials the approach is admirably clear, but I'm having a real issue with one particular step. When I create a greyscale layer of, in this case, the blue channel, instead of a a greyscale and a colour layer, the thumbnails show as two colour layers. When I move the new layer down, as per the tutorial, they both change to greyscale. So when I then do the next step of apply image, there is no difference between the two. Yet James's video clearly shows one layer in colour and one in greyscale. I done this over and over again, following the tutorial almost frame by frame. I'm quite prepared to believe that I have missed one vital step, but if so then I've no idea what it might be. The only thing I can think of is that James says he is using an HDR image, and I am using a jpg. Would that make a difference? I hope that I've made myself clear, happy to provide any necessary clarification. Thanks in advance for any help that anyone may be able to provide.
  9. Many, many thanks for this, talk about a labour of love. And I heartily concur with all the comments about the quality of the tutorials, informative, non-patronising and very useful.
  10. I'm having the same issue, except minus the bit about macros. The OK button remains inactive, all the others are fine and respond as they should. I've tried quitting and reopening but to no effect. I was trying to change Canon RAW files into jpgs, they appear quite happily in the source panel, but that's as far as it goes
  11. Grumpy1954

    Just a thought

    Ok I fully take the point about the crossover users. But I do like the suggestion about the checkboxes. But then again, the world will not come to an end if the present system continues to be the norm.
  12. Given the increasing number of people using Affinity in its various guises, might there now be an argument for splitting the question forum into two, for Photo and Designer? Several times I've found myself reading what looked to be an interesting topic, only to find that it's Designer related, rather than Photo, and thus, at present at least, of limited relevance as far as I am concerned. This isn't a moan, and, to be honest, I haven't got a clue how much work changing the forum would entail. It's just a suggestion. Feel free to reply, ignore or fall about laughing!
  13. Thanks for the tip. I'd been doing the shift/command/4 thing to capture to the desktop, then dragging into AP. That works fine, just a little cumbersome.
  14. Thanks for the very quick reply, just tried this and it works perfectly. Thanks again. :D
  15. Hello, I've been having a bit of a curious problem with copying an image from Safari and then pasting into a new AP document. All I get is https text. This does not happen if I paste the same image into, say, Gimp, an email, or Pages. Nor does it happen if I use Firefox or Safari, which I suppose is the obvious answer to the issue, but I much prefer Chrome to either of these alternatives, especially the latter. I've trawled the forum, I've been able to find is something similar, but in relation to Safari rather than Chrome. Any suggestions gratefully accepted!

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