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    Zilliamdok reacted to GMPhotography in Watermark imported as a brush in AP   
    I created this watermark last night in Affinity Photo and then imported it as a custom brush. :)

    GMPwatermark2 by Greg Murray, on Flickr
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    Zilliamdok reacted to Crad in Affinity Photo is Apple's Best Mac App of 2015   
    Congratulations guys!
    This is well deserved. 
    The Affinity community is growing. 3 of my friends already bought the app after 
    using it on my mac!
    Both AD and AP are solid apps. 
    Have a fabulous 2016!
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    Zilliamdok reacted to Timber in New Branding for Affinity   
    Well, the new icons look busy and even less so tell one what the app does. I prefer the original older ones. They show more detail and the new one's looked rushed/pressured to be flat with less precision. The programs are great and deserve top flight icons. The newer icons just don't look "professionally done" to my eye.
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    Zilliamdok reacted to MEB in Then, this happened!   
    Check this video: attach_image_post.mov
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    Zilliamdok reacted to bendito33 in Immediate Crash on Export   
    I'm getting a crash as soon as I click "Export." My file has some company info so can't post here. Can I email it to you?
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    Zilliamdok reacted to avo in Web design template for Affinity Designer   
    I made a simple template for my everyday web-design needs, which i'm glad to share. It contains five pseudo-artboards which are Desktop, Tablet Landscape 1024, Tablet Portrait 768, Mobile Landscape 480, Mobile Portrait 320. They all have semi-transparent grid over them so you can start quick. 
    I think templates like this are good to emulate artboards untill we have real artboards in AD and are just nice way to start your design projects.
    Will be glad to know what you think of this template, any suggestions are welcome. Feel free to modify it in any way possible.
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    Zilliamdok reacted to TonyB in New Branding for Affinity   
    It would be great to get your feedback on our new branding for Affinity, All feedback welcome both positive and negative.
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    Zilliamdok reacted to killwilly in Affinity Photo is in the Mac App Store Now!   
    Thanks for the welcome and the information. I have now downloaded the app and it looks fantastic, also congratulations and a big thank you to the team for all the hard work.
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    Zilliamdok reacted to Dale in AMA: Ask designer Jon Ball anything   
    Artist and illustrator Jonathan Ball—whose stunning work you will have seen on affinity.serif.com and in Affinity Designer—is doing an AMA or Ask Me Anything.
    Chat online with Jon today, February 3rd, and ask him about his techniques, his inspirations, his Affinity Designer tips, how he became a full time designer, how he designs in 3D or animates, how he secured top-name commissions like Sony and MTV—anything!
    The free AMA is being hosted by Skillshare at skl.sh/pokedAMA
    7.30pm GMT
    8.30pm CET
    2.30pm EST
    11.30am PST
    You can see more of Jon's work at pokedstudio.com, you can sign up for his free tutorial series on Skillshare, and of course chat with him in the free AMA TODAY!
    Thanks for reading, Dale.

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    Zilliamdok reacted to Mithferion in Introduce Yourself   
    I'm an IT Consultant and a passionate person about graphic creation (sometimes I have to do icons at my work, banners and differente images, mainly using Inkscape). When I read about Affinity coming to Windows I got really excited. You got a new customer here.
    Hope you the best!
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    Zilliamdok reacted to skiphunt in 1.4.1 updates out now   
    Sketch feature thingy? I don't see anything anywhere similar to a "Sketch Feature" in AP. Which feature are you referring to?
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    Zilliamdok reacted to Jonas14 in Affinity Photo is in the Mac App Store Now!   
    v. 1.3.5 is today published: what should be the Lens Corrections?
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