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  1. There's nothing you could have done. No matter what you've done, there's always people moaning.
  2. Of course it will. If Affinity Photo and Designer are running just fine on your pc, expect Publisher to do the same thing as they all share the same engine!
  3. The signs are there allready by the split of LightRoom into a stand alone version and cloud version. But how long will this stand alone version be available? They are working on a smooth transition to the cloud.
  4. They need money to continue developing. So selling new products to get income is a normal way of doing things. You can't expect them to work for free, do you? Income ensures development of all products.
  5. You crack me up.... Sums up nicely some posts in this thread.
  6. I'd like to see a measurement tool like this one in Designer: You can set the scale and units and it works in any direction. You click on a certain part of the document and drag the red line and it automatically measures the length. See also Astute Graphics Dynamic Measure tool. Ideal for floor plans and stuff.
  7. Would love to see a measure tool like this: It works in any way and can set scale and usints. Ideal for measuring floor plans etc.
  8. The limitation is your memory installed. If I remember correctly, you can set the amount of RAM used by the application. Under "Preferences"---"Performance" you can set the amount of memory you want to be used by the application. If you set it higher, you are able to load more files simultaniously...Or work with larger files...
  9. Tons of really good alternatives, like the free Darktable, C1Pro etc. Both are better in a lot of ways. Stating there is no real substitute is not really true and a very personal observation.
  10. It makes the file smaller as it only "links" to the image. Embadded images eat up space real quick. Especially if you use a lot of them in your design. Means larger files. On the other hand, if you embed everything, you can't forget to send the images with the file.
  11. A beta is not prime time. The final is but it's really necessary to do a beta to see how well it works on all different kind of machines and setups and what problems people find during beta testing.
  12. Vector packages are heavely used for font design, so Affinity designer is no exception.
  13. So Affinity Designer has won? No percentages available anymore. If so, congratulations Serif on the win.
  14. Impressive update. Can't wait for the 1.7 update.
  15. They are taken by dpreview for review purposes. I doubt Serif can just use them. Furthermore, you don't know if they are neutral setting or have in camera settings used.
  16. Of course it will. It will not have all the bells and whistles of more mature software but it'll do for the most part. Designer is also getting updates and multiple pages is also on that list so you could do some things in Designer.
  17. I really like the Affinity Spotlight web page. Interesting reading, especially about the developers. I hope this way a lot more people can understand that it is not a trivial thing to develop new software and why it takes a little longer sometimes then people want it to take. Lots of good reading stuff and inspiration! Keep it up. Thumbs up from me. @KateM sweet pussycat avatar...
  18. If you have more then 1 Microsoft account, then yes, that is possible. But it's not something Serif want you to do...
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